A new monument in Ningbo is incorrectly marked by the latitude and longitude of the city, and the district Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau is correcting it

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Ningbo is located outside the earth?Recently, a netizen posted on a message board in Ningbo, China, saying that a new monument on the Drum Tower pedestrian Street in Ningbo was marked with the wrong latitude and longitude. “If the latitude is 121 degrees, it is out of the earth!”The Haishu District Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development in Ningbo city said Thursday that it has started to correct the situation.On a message board of Ningbo Netizen Shenge Yidiantong, a reporter from Thepaper.cn saw a netizen with the number 147140 saying that when he visited the Drum Tower on the sixth day of the lunar New Year, he found a new monument erected on the drum Tower pedestrian street to commemorate the 1,200th anniversary of the founding of Ningbo. On the base, the longitude and latitude of Ningbo were engraved. However, a closer look showed that the monument was completely wrong.”Longitude 29.868388, latitude 121.549792, first, the marking is not standard, there is no direction, Ningbo should be east longitude, north latitude.Second, the value of longitude and latitude are misaligned. 29 degrees EAST is Finland and Ukraine, while 29 degrees west is Greenland and the Atlantic Ocean.Ninety degrees is the maximum, 121 degrees is out of the earth!””This is a basic knowledge of geography in junior high school, and it is really inappropriate to make such mistakes on such a historical and cultural site as the Drum Tower. I hope relevant departments can correct it as soon as possible,” the netizen said.According to the public information, drum Tower is the only remaining site of the ancient city tower in Ningbo city, and is also the symbol of ningbo’s official state governance and city establishment in the history. After the construction of the pedestrian street, it is a famous tourist attraction in Ningbo.In 2021, in order to welcome the 1200th anniversary of the establishment of Ningbo and actively create the cultural name card of “Drum Tower”, The Haishu District Housing and Construction Bureau of Ningbo launched the upgrading and renovation project of Drum Tower Pedestrian Street in July 2021, among which the newly built monument of “821· City Memory” was pointed out by netizens as the above monument marked with wrong longitude and latitude.The actual longitude and latitude of Ningbo should be 120°55′ to 122°16′ east longitude and 28°51′ to 30°33′ north latitude, which is quite different from the data on the monument, the Paper reporter found.On February 14, a reporter from Thepaper.cn called the Haishu District Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau in Ningbo. A staff member of the bureau said that they had received feedback on the incident and had verified that the latitude and longitude labels had been incorrectly marked, and were working to correct them.As to why that happened, he said it was still under investigation.Source of surging