Surprise benefits to xinxiang Passat PHEV 0.43% discount, looking forward to your visit

2022-06-15 0 By

The Passat PHEV has been waiting for so long and finally has a discount. Xiaobian has learned that xinxiang Shangzhong SAIC Volkswagen Store has a special discount of 10,000 yuan for a limited time from February 02 to February 03.Such a good opportunity is not friends and xiaobian as impatient to think of the store to feel the promotion time from February 02, 2022 to February 03, 2022 preferential conditionsInsurance on the store, the store credit passat PHEV latest offer car manufacturers price/price subsidies xinxiang 430 discount PHEV elite hybrid version of the 229900 yuan to 01000 yuan, 228900 yuan 430 PHEV hybrid deluxe edition 238900 yuan to 01000 yuan, 237900 yuan