And snow!The weather in Xiangxi during the Spring Festival

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Source: xiangxi melt medium time: 2022-01-31 according to the latest meteorological data, a comprehensive analysis in the next seven days I have two low temperature sleet freezing weather process, respectively, on January 31 solstice on February 3, February 6 solstice 7, the strongest snow time appear in the February 1 night, night, February 6, the state has in the snow, local blizzard.Specific forecast: 31 days during the day (New Year’s Eve), the north cloudy day with sleet or snow, the south cloudy day with small to medium snow, local snow, road icing strengthened, temperature 0 ~ 4℃;February 1 (January 31 at 20 ~ February 1 at 20, the same below) (first day), sleet to small to medium snow, road ice maintenance, temperature 1 ~ 4℃;On February 2 (the second day of the lunar New Year), there will be heavy snow on overcast days and local snowstorms. The roads will freeze and the temperature will be 0 ~ 2℃.3 (the third day), light snow to overcast day in the north, in the south to heavy snow to overcast day, road icing weakened, temperature -1 ~ 3℃;The 4th day (the fourth day), overcast between cloudy, local fog in the morning, the road ice weakened, temperature -3 ~ 4℃;5th (the fifth day), overcast, cloudy, temperature 0 ~ 4℃;On The 6th (the sixth day), it was overcast with moderate snow, heavy snow locally, and the temperature was 0 ~ 3℃.Meteorological suggestions: 1. The continuous rain, snow, freezing and low visibility weather in the state, please pay attention to slow down and drive slowly, to ensure driving safety, high altitude scenic spots, pay attention to safety protection;2, the temperature is low, please do a good job of influenza and other epidemic disease prevention work, home heating pay attention to the use of fire, electricity and gas safety.Wish you a happy Spring Festival, a happy family and all the best!January 31, 2022: Xiangshan, Reporter: Zhu Guoguang, Editor: Wang Manxue, Editor: You Lilu, Media Center, Xiangxi Broadcasting and TV Station