Take root at grassroots level, party members and cadres might as well take “Bing Dwen Dwen” as an example

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The word “ice” in “Bing Dun Dun” means pure and strong, and “dun” means a strong body and indomitable will.Party members and cadres might as well take “Bing Dwen Dwen” as an example, with practical action and solid results to win the recognition and love of the masses, writing a wonderful chapter of life.Learning “ice dun dun” self-confidence and self-improvement, beginner’s mind such as rock root.”Ice pier pier” hard and thick, can withstand wind and rain, resist external forces, give a person a great sense of security.Entering the new era, party members and cadres should aspire to struggle, shoulder the banner of serving the people, regard what the masses want as their pursuit of work, and make unremitting efforts for it.The problem must be solved where it comes from.The masses of party members and cadres to correctly realize and bear their own responsibility, the challenge should have the courage to “stand up”, dare to “go up” in the face of difficulties, time to “who am I, who rely on, who to” ask introspection, adhere to the “dry” word pledge, ability to overcome the crisis, the ability of panic, pick up some more “hot potato”, when a few back to “the ant on the hot pot”,We will not give up until we reach our goals and solve problems, so as to make the lamp of responsibility brighter.Learning “ice pier pier” thick lovely, people love people rooted in the grassroots.”Bing Dwen Dwen” is endowed with great significance because of the special status of the Olympic mascot.Communists are made of special material.The particularity of party member cadre lies in the value that consecrates for masses happiness.Party members and cadres to alignment with forward direction and in the practice of the grass-roots find clerkstarts ability, speaking people like to listen to household words, vernacular, self-restraint yourself more down-to-earth earthy, pure taste, to be honest, do an honest man, do LaoShiShi, growing affinity, approached the masses, understand the masses and feelings of the masses, become one with the masses.In this way, people feel at ease and down-to-earth, honest and honest, and have a good public reputation.Learn the scientific and technological content of “Bing Dun Dun”, and take root with unique skills.Olympic athletes are not afraid of difficulties, in the Winter Olympic Games with “determined not to relax” momentum to break through the self, challenge the record.In the face of reform and development task, party members and cadres to be special skills for cadres, pay attention to from the beginner’s mind the mission of history and logic in search, for the advanced model, continuously correct their value orientation, like “ice mound mound” keep in mind that, in the big event of the party and the state when good screws, in the common prosperity and rural revitalization in the struggle,We should take the people’s affairs as our own and focus on practical matters. We should think about what the people want, address their concerns, and solve their problems. We should further promote the practice of “doing practical things for the people” and contribute our share to the great cause of national rejuvenation.