That ignorant history is with blood, personally experienced that painful era, we will never forgive

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Article: Also commonly called Yu Aiping as a teacher rather than a writer, for fear of causing him trouble (attack invader called Yu’s writer is self-appointed, ridiculous).Mr. Yu aiping can publicly publish his nonsense, and his self-cultivation and noble character are enough to make the attackers blush (but the attackers have no face and ears).On the story of Kong Yiji, can read lu Xun must know the original intention of writing: Kong Yiji is the victim of the tyranny of the regime!Not his miserable experience for the gentleman to laugh at him, teasing him, the neck as stretched as a duck without conscience of the ignorant.Ignorant people can only see kong Yiji’s ridiculousness and poverty in the book, so his level is limited to this, his face appears on the page, but adds laughter.Taking Kong Yiji as an analogy to the highly respected and accomplished Mr. Yu can only say that his logic is confused and he attacks for the sake of attacking. Fortunately, Mr. Yu is generous enough to forgive you.Mr Yu, who has lived history himself, has a say, not to mention that his writing is brilliant, his writing is penetrating, his plots are thrilling and his characters are lifelike (they are supposed to be real, but fictional ones are only skin and not soul).The historical background in “Forgive, But Don’t Forget” is actually a fact. Although it is history, its history is not so long ago, and there are still witnesses and material evidences.As for shiji, shiji was mostly used to record emperors and generals. Don’t ordinary people have the right to record their own life experiences?Robber logic!Mr. Yu’s ability to accurately record a special experience, “Forgive, But Don’t Forget,” is also enough to remind future generations, the merit is boundless.Because painful times can not forget, that absurd, ignorant, cruel, bloody history, is with blood, is the blood of the unjust dead, personally experienced that period, we will never forgive!To the ignorant once more popular science: history is often written by later generations, Mr. Yu because of the level is not enough, so there is no daily notes and records.Finally, a poem: posterity has not experienced the former personnel, predecessors are posterity division.Business princes practice for private desire, Confucius and Mencius thousand years to teach stolen zhi.