Zhuge liang glory skin too praise, king of glory the new popularity of the king came

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The whole network canyon bright powder set, yes, our God finally double 叒 yi has a new skin!And is the glory of the level of quality oh ~ the new release of zhuge Liang.Star domain god kai skin, male god dressed in a similar baroque period of aristocratic dress, incarnate to study the universal truth, master the image of space-time magic.Not hesitate to reverse thousands of time and space, only to see the ultimate truth of the universe!In order to demonstrate his ability to communicate time and space, the design team also linked with other skins in the special effects, which is canyon’s first attempt!Zhuge Liang will also use the power of time and space to take the energy of the rainy day department and the wuling Xianjun space for his own use, and the scene elements of the rainy day and Wuling are also integrated into the special effects of the return trip.Many fans say that all the skin of the male god is basically the temptation of uniform. As in the rainy days before, Si Liangliang was transformed into a solemn and elegant rain god. Who could not love this fresh and gorgeous aqua green?Xinghang commander is also xiaobian’s love, he is zhuge Liang’s companion skin, especially in the use of a skill, will wave his right hand to the front to release a sense of science and technology diamond ball, super sense of science and technology oh!Throughout the male god Zhuge Liang’s skin, is not a match a delicate?Especially in this year’s star region, the quality of the glorious collection is absolutely not to be missed!