Graduate tutor: “rather want a white paper, also don’t want world War II students”, let the examinee feel anxious

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As academic qualifications become a very important criterion, graduates with higher academic qualifications are favored, which leads to the loss of the popularity of undergraduate graduates. As a result, many students choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination after graduation. In 2022, 4.54 million students took the postgraduate entrance examination.College students’ employment situation is not optimistic, in all walks of life more and more high to the requirement of graduates, the students want to find a good job can continue their education, choose to join one’s deceased father grind, one’s deceased father grind students has been increasing, now competition is very fierce, the students want to smooth admitted to graduate student is a not easy thing.According to the survey found that the students of undergraduate course graduation nearly half chose one’s deceased father grind, it reduces the part of the undergraduate course graduate’s employment pressure, and there are some institutions of higher learning continues to expand, provides students with a lot of choice, even if the students have successfully enter oneself for an examination the graduate student examination, smoothly passed the written test, but also for other reasons to be eliminated,Every year, many students become chaperones.Graduate tutor bluntly:”Don’t” world war ii ning to a blank sheet of paper, let the examinee feeling anxious students to gain more advantage, is the only way to improve education, join into one’s deceased father grind, popularization of higher education in China has been, our highest record of formal schooling is graduate student, the highest degree is a doctor, want to improve undergraduate degree, can only be earning a master’s graduate students first,Then there are PhD students, which is a good thing for society on the basis of academic qualifications.However, it is a very difficult thing for students. It is not easy to take the postgraduate entrance examination. Even if candidates pass the written examination and get excellent scores, their personal ability is also outstanding.What’s going on here?The postgraduate tutor said that the real reason was that there were too many students from the Second world War and many wars. Under the postgraduate examination, the difficulty was increased and the question type was more complicated. Many students who failed the examination would continue to insist on the second examination until they passed.So in the exam can not only see the fresh raw form, will also see a lot of world war ii and three wars, even know they have no too many advantages, they are still doing useless struggles, a pair of not to give up, there are a lot of people think these raw knowledge reserves much of world war ii, pass rate will be higher, they can gain more advantage?But the reality is that none of the tutors will look at them differently, instead, they will be more disgusted with them in their hearts. Some postgraduate tutors say frankly: I would rather have a poor graduate student, even if they hand in a blank paper, than a second world war student, which makes the examinees feel anxious.The main reason is that the students of The Second World War are too weak in learning ability, resulting in poor grades. Even if they are admitted to graduate school, it is difficult for them to go smoothly. The students all learn knowledge in one class, and the tutors can provide help for these graduate students who have problems in learning way.But teachers can’t always help the graduate students’ learning ability is weak, finally they will distance with other graduate students, they are hard to get research road, finally may also lead to themselves can’t graduate, and the fresh graduates, they are more good management if learning ability is strong, get supervisor approval, learning attitude has very big improvement space.One’s deceased father grind party spawned new chew old, parents are also proud, don’t be deceived by the appearance of the students now have a lot of students choose to take an examination of grinding force, but now one’s deceased father grind difficulty increased, there are some did not take an examination of the students will not voluntarily, I intend to one’s deceased father grind again, so many students have been preparing at home, in the second one’s deceased father grind to shore,By doing this, parents feel relieved that they have been working hard.But these are the illusion of the students, some students in the second postgraduate entrance examination successfully, but there will be some students were eliminated, such students parents will pay attention to, or do not let the students continue to take the postgraduate entrance examination, or early employment.If a long time, the students will have a negative attitude, has been on the job, can appear even negative employment, is through the escape employment has been one’s deceased father grind, students have no life source, everything from their parents, supply, which can form a new type of fall into the same phenomenon, will only add the economic burden to family and will be unfavorable to students development of later life,A waste of time.I want to say: the students want to know, the identity of the fresh graduates is very precious, the students should learn to use up, not a waste of their own advantages, so as not to delay his future, if students don’t really suitable for one’s deceased father grind, to early employment is best, it also can learn more, to increase their work experience, can let own life be secure.Topic of the day: Do you think world War II students have an advantage?