Tiexi District people’s Congress deputies are concerned with the poor people, caring and warm hearts

2022-05-27 0 By

On January 28th, Zhao Guozheng, president of Shenyang Tiexi University Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and tiexi District NPC deputies, and Zhang Yong and Wang Guozhong, NPC deputies of Tiexi District, visited the families of people in need and sent them the care and greetings of the NPC deputies of Tiexi District.Shenyang Tiexi District people’s Congress representatives Zhao Guozheng, Zhang Yong, Wang Guozhong came to degong community to send rice, noodles, oil and other life comfort goods to the poor people in the area;And will one of the auspicious Spring Festival couplets to the hands of the difficult people, so that the difficult people feel the warmth and blessing from the tiexi district people’s congress representatives, fully embodies the district people’s congress representatives into the community, know the people’s situation, solve the people’s worries of social responsibility.Later, accompanied by Wang Hong, secretary of degong Community, and Li Shuang, deputy secretary of Degong Community, they came to the home of yuan Shuqin and Miao Yuxia, two low-income families in the area, and sent them rice, white flour, soybean oil, drinks and other comforts for life in advance, and also sent them New Year’s greetings and wishes.Three representatives also cordial talks with difficult people, and ask for details of their physical and living conditions, told them to take good care of your body, to encourage them to actively in the face of all kinds of difficulties in life, keep a optimistic, dare to the good state of mind to face any difficulty, what are the difficulties and problems and community, the National People’s Congress representative contact at any time,Deputies to the National People’s Congress will try their best to help them out.Zhao Guozheng, deputy of shenyang Tiexi District People’s Congress, said:”As a I NPC delegates I will do whatever I can to help poor people in need of help, let the difficult people feel the care and warmth, through visiting also deepened the distance between the people’s congress and the people, especially the difficulties within the jurisdiction of the masses can make they feel care from the government and the people’s congress.”(Reporter Wang Guozhong)