“The small concubine of head auxiliary home” after she is reborn marry deformity head auxiliary, be favored by mother-in-law to hit cross walk in capital

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.Recently, many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!Today xiaobian to everyone recommend: “shoufu home little concubine” after her rebirth to marry disabled shoufu, was spoiled by her mother-in-law in the capital hit a walk # refuse book shortage # first: “Shoufu home little concubine” author: Puppet introduction: Jiang Xiaoqiu diligent for more than ten years, in return is endless deception and press, died without dignity.Now that she has come back, all those who have wronged her will never benefit from her again!He broke away from his family, got rich with his hands, and then he was hooked by a cripple.How to get into the pit: Making a living is a big problem though.Jiang Xiaoqiu in the quilt fingers, her household registration was moved out, to set up another account, every year is to pay taxes on money, and daily expenses.Jiang Xiaoqiu thought about it, he also learned some skills in the past life.At that time, she was found and taken back to her real family. However, the Jiang family was of high family and big family. They disliked the fact that she had been raised in a mountain village, so they casually threw her in another hospital and found some gentlemen to teach her the rules.Jiang Xiaoqiu is very lucky, jiang jia casually invited Mr., there is a needlework Mr., but is very capable.She also had a gift for embroidery, so she learned like a duck to water, and soon won the favor of the Chiang family for this.However, what they like to see is the value of her embroidery.Now think about Jiang Xiaoqiu, jiang will give her please teach, also just want to make her more valuable.However those are not important, important is, at that time she embroidered embroidery products, Jiang jia can take hands to noble.Jiang Xiaoqiu thought, if she embroidered some simple handkerchief, sachet, purse, can you take to the town for money?But the most important thing is that she has to eat now. Tomorrow she will have to dig more in the back mountains and come back, collecting wood and carrying water.She has a lot of work to do starting tomorrow.Jiang Xiaoqiu for the first time, so looking forward to doing things, she closed her eyes contentedly, fell asleep, even the corners of her mouth are smiling….At this time of the Jiang family, Luo Xiuyu and Tian Jinlian learned that jiang Xiaoqiu gave jiang out of the house, and even the household registration are moved out of the time, the expression of two people are very subtle.”Mom, did dad really do that?Then, then Little Autumn won’t come back?””Luo xiuyu asked incredulous, and Jiang’s wife glared at her.” That kind of thing just goes out. Your father can’t even do that?””No, no, that’s not what I meant.”Luo Xiuyu quickly waved, she does not like Jiang Xiaoqiu, but the problem is that Jiang Xiaoqiu is not in the home, who will do the work?She looked at Tian Jinlian, Tian Jinlian did not look at her, smiling to appease the old lady’s mood.Luo Xiuyu gnashed teeth in the heart dark hate, Tian Jinlian will certainly fight with their children do not do anything, that is not the last to her to do!With what?This everybody is old and small, Luo Xiuyu thinks about the headache.”Good, have a meal first, don’t drive out a little wench, have what fussy of.”Jiang ho poked her and told her to hurry up and serve her dinner.Luo Xiuyu secretly white his one eye, said it is easy to throw pelle out, to them these big old men of course no effect, home things don’t they to do.Went to the kitchen, will do a good meal on the table, with the same as yesterday, potato stew, coarse flour cake and soup.But for some reason, they didn’t look any more appetizing than they did yesterday.Jiang scowled slightly to eat a mouthful, looking at Luo Xiuyu’s eyes become displeased.”We’ve been out working our asses off all day, and you can’t even cook a meal?That’s what we’re going to eat!”(Click the following link to read the novel) The second book: Married to the Princess introduction: Through time, Su Yunuo becomes the daughter of the prime minister, the princess of the palace.Abdomen black overbearing wang Ye husband, incredibly is the emperor’s successor.But one wishes to go home of her, the position that does not rare princess at all, all sorts of trouble making trouble, provoke wang Ye husband to fondle admiringly however, dote on have beautiful.Into the pit guide: the change of the network company than the general company to fast, their things with a batch of people became a secret, no one knows, so in a specific opportunity, she was lucky to be selected, step by step into others have arranged a good trap.In this society with expanding economic interests, good friends eventually become strangers, which must be related to interests. No one knows what happened in that year. The only thing du understands is that she became a tool of Zhou Zijie’s revenge.Manager’s strange, Zhou Zijie’s mystifying in today have been reasonable explanation, but she just have the opposite intention, good and evil are not equal, probably said is her kind of person!Taking leave with her colleagues, Du bought a ticket at the train station overnight after learning the manager’s city. The next morning, she stood at the door of the manager’s dormitory just to say sorry.The story is finally restored, become strangers just because of a woman, now that woman has become someone else’s wife, and the friends who did not say anything at the beginning are regarded as enemies.”You took advantage of your colleague’s trust in you!”There was a long silence at the other end of the phone. Du Was sitting on the train with lights roaring through her eyes.Hang up the phone, Du Zhimeng suddenly remembered a long time ago, Zhou Zijie once said that he believed in Buddhism, believe in the cycle of cause and effect, but also once said, in fact, he is particularly afraid of watching horror movies.A small plan takes shape in the heart, Du Zhimeng likes to open by words, for Zhou Zijie their previous story she can not care, so about her own things can not be so calculated.Rested for a few days, did enough preparation work, the Internet to check a lot of relevant things, so when Du Dream midnight midnight appeared at zhou Zijie’s door, the whole corridor was dark.(Click the following link to read the novel) The third book: “The Emperor wants to die every day” by: Nine Tails Rabbit introduction: Confused through, she inexplicably stepped on the peak of life?But is the emperor out of his mind?See her always want to fuck her to death, there is no idol drama romantic plot!What poems and songs, she a serious partial subject of poor grades can understand these students have long stood out!Guide into the pit: very fast food on the end, two big basin, one is to fish rice, a basin is wild vegetable soup, floating above three or five drops of oil.Xiu Niang also served a large pot of pork stew ferns, the oily layer on top of which looked drooling. Pick up a piece and put it in your mouth, the meat flavor mixed with the smell of wild vegetables, oily but not greasy, can make you swallow your tongue.Wait until the vegetables together a few people moved on the kang table, set up chopsticks, a family surrounded the kang table, suction shout to eat very fragrant.Farmers rarely see meat all year round and naturally eat it well.But how also not happy, who was just here those days, show niang to kill chickens, this year a few two meat chickens also, the whole chicken is cut off two bowls of meat, all went into the belly, of who did not even willing to give up a chicken soup to other children, those days Li Yuanyou chicken to eat, also can eat every meal of smaller part bowl, until the day after no chicken,Who was a tragedy, although the rebirth in ancient feel what all good, but is not her appetite, said who extravagant raised too much, though his previous home isn’t how great your home, but since the childhood who also not bad money, less or no food, she know overeating what feeling but never experience hunger is what feeling.It’s not like eating regular meals of coarse grain, which is so dry and bad that it sticks in your throat and you can’t swallow it.Say the wild vegetables, in the past occasionally eat wild vegetables, or special eating out, what refined dishes are added a chicken soup, taste delicious, now the potherb lack of oil and salt, and it tasted bitter to eat into his mouth, and she tried to swallow it, throat have resistance, spontaneous plugging, how also swallow not bottom go to, who naturally do not want to touch the wild vegetables, whole grains can be home and no other things can eat,Thinking every night hungry was hungry to wake up when the uncomfortable strength, the feeling of the intestinal wall against the intestinal wall can drive people crazy, some people god war, to the last had to a coarse grain with a white water, the stomach stuffed.However, they had to eat less and drank half of the water in their stomach. After a long time, the idea of eating meat kept coming up. However, Li Yuan did not think that the family would be so poor that they could not even buy some meat for their children.How long had it been since she had eaten meat like this? Thinking that she had eaten a whole chicken all by herself, Li Yuan felt a surge of heat from the bottom of her heart, which spread through her brain and made her nose sour again and again.It’s the first time that the two souls in this body really connect.For a long time the family seems to return to the heart, Liyuan is like holding the last straw, silent heart began bubbling again.Perhaps from now on, Li Yuan just really into this era, really regard themselves as a member of the family, that want to make money heart is also more urgent.But Li Yuan searched and searched, and really did not find a way to make money quickly, can only give up.Eat full, show niang and everyone to give them a bowl of soup, the bowl is a big bowl, bowl mouth with Liyuan’s face almost big, soup less vegetables, Liyuan clipped a chopsticks head vegetables into the mouth, but also not feel bitter hard to swallow, but feel a kind of fragrance, smooth and tender, absolutely no pesticide fertilizer pollution.Perhaps the mood has changed, so even the taste has become better!After dinner, the dishes washed, everything in the home to tidy up, xiu Niang and Yun Niang Ling Niang will come to the yard, a few small moved to a small stool, sit in a circle in the yard, and then began to catch the embroidery sample.The day is so day by day!In a twinkling of an eye to uncle’s mother’s day.Uncle’s maiden name is He, named He Xiaocui, but after marrying uncle, this family name is gradually forgotten by people, they only call he shi when they meet.Transplanting rice in the countryside is also a big day, we have nothing in hand will go to help.Xiu niang and Li Ming also put down his work, don’t say uncle every year to help their own land, the villagers in the villagers this feeling you have to help to go, otherwise called outsiders joke.As soon as it was light, the two of them got up to tidy up and went to the fields separately.In the countryside, people always take the initiative to help them with their work, and there is no fixed time for them to start work whenever they arrive. If you are late, the host family will not say anything, and no one has trouble.But the people here have always been simple, the fire is put out early in the field, some before the owner’s house.The early came to the field also began to dry up, also do not have the host family to worry about what, transplanting this live, which women are not all ripe.Xiu niang to the field, uncle’s family has not arrived, xiu niang took his trousers down to the field began to work.Li Ming is to go to the seedlings field seedlings.Unlike other crops planted directly in the field, rice has to be grown at home and then spread into a flat bed. When the seedlings reach half a foot high, they have to be uprooted and inserted into a flat paddy field, a cumbersome process.After a while, several groups of people came.Men and women were not idle, joking with each other.Men are into the seedling bed from the seedlings, leaving a few strength of the old man with the pick will pick up good seedlings to the paddy field.The women went down to the fields to plant rice seedlings.The crowd was noisy and very interesting. Occasionally, when an old woman said a meat part, she would be scolded by a bunch of young daughters-in-law, but her faces were all smiling.Uncle niang’s family also arrived early, uncle Li Xiang to the side of the seedling bed to greet, uncle niang in the paddy field side of the work, there are so many people, it is quick to work, it did not take a moment to insert a small piece.Who also followed show niang came early paddy field edge, she won’t be planting, is follow to come and look at the bustling, to be honest, like Li Yuanting is that the mood, seems to be in everyone’s heart, his work is not a burden, but to enjoy life in general, the mood also follow with who, only feel what aside worries on the cloud nine.Looking at the rice seedlings not neatly inserted in the paddy field, Li Yuan suddenly moved.Just to see Li Ming is picking a pair of seeds to send seedlings here, Li Yuan hurriedly gathered up.”Dad, what’s the wind that blows here the most in a year?”You ask this to do what, Li Ming put down the pick to scratch his head, “three wench you also come to learn transplanting ah, well, learn more after every year to use it.”The southwest wind blows all the year round here!”Li Yuan hey hey two laugh, “Dad, you go to tell uncle, let them not busy planting seedlings first, I have a good idea, can call seedlings dozen more food!”Li Ming a listen to, laugh, next to a stand close some of the daughter-in-law also couldn’t help but laugh, “you this fart big point of the little girl, and that ability called seedling more dozen some food ah!””You this wench, go there to stay, don’t hinder father to work, really have no matter to go to the field, let your niang teach you to transplanting rice, yun brew and ling niang can be all quick!”Li Ming smiled and gathered the seedlings to the edge of the paddy field, just as Li Yuan was joking.”Father, I am not joking. I have a plan!”Li Yuan was relentless in her pursuit.”Go to, there is a ditch over the head of the field, nothing to touch shrimp over there!”Li Ming apparently didn’t take it seriously.Li Yuan stamped her feet, puffed her lips, and turned to go home with a dissatisfied face.At this time the little daughter-in-law in the field almost smile fork, “Li eldest brother, you don’t call back to embroider, pour call a person to touch fish, no wonder your home little lady wild son, affection is you teach!”Ha ha ha!That little daughter-in-law voice quite dial sharp, this all of a sudden the whole paddy field heard, also follow laugh.In this “harmonious” atmosphere, a day soon passed, uncle’s family has a total of 15 mu of paddy fields, a day is finished.In the evening to call it a day, is naturally on uncle’s mother’s home for dinner.Uncle niang went home to cook at about noon, and the food for the thirty men and women was quite difficult to afford.Usually, on the day of transplanting rice seedlings, we bring some dry food for lunch, eat hastily in the field and then continue to work. In the evening, we go to the host’s house, and the host’s house has to do better for this meal.Transplanting rice seedlings is not light work, in the water and mud pai for hours, of course, the food to be harder.(Click the link below to read the novel.) 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