Guess lantern riddles and win prizes to celebrate the Lantern Festival here

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To carry forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, citizens of rich people spiritual and cultural life, spend the Lantern Festival, February 12 and 13, the new era of civilization practice center joint area of hongkou district federation of trade unions, combined with “our festival – the lantern,” for the general public and worker friends bring a “gait pentium driving Marty natalegawa” yuanxiao guess riddles activity, to add to the rich atmosphere of the Spring Festival of the year of the tiger.The scene was decorated with lights and decorations.Activities prepared a total of 200 riddles, covering the celebration of the 20th Party Congress, party history, party construction, party discipline and clean government, etc., integrating knowledge, literature, fun in one, so that more people in the harvest of joy at the same time, understand the traditional Chinese culture, feel the rich festival atmosphere of the Lantern Festival.The first pair of lucky winners xi Mention tiger doll guess riddles small partners in an orderly queue to receive prizes accompanied by parents, the children open their minds, easy entry, the scene is very lively.Successfully guess the puzzle to the children came to the prize, have put on a variety of modelling, take a picture to commemorate.This activity enhanced the public’s interest in Traditional Chinese culture, enriched the people’s spiritual and cultural life, guided more people to become civilized practice practitioners through practical actions, and created a festive and peaceful festival atmosphere.At the first floor, 78 Yangshupu Road, Hongkou District, it is open from 9:00 to 17:00.On the first day of the start of the Year of the Tiger, hongkou welcomed a crowd of people.Look quickly → Notification of a position-off