Are one-child families blessed?If you meet the relevant conditions, you can receive “subsidy”. Please inform each other

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As we all know, in the middle and late last century, in order to control China’s rising population base, the state decided to implement family planning.But because of the changing times, China’s national conditions and domestic demographic structure have changed, and people’s way of thinking has also changed.Therefore, a few years ago, China decided to fully lift the two-child policy.The main reason for China to fully implement the two-child policy is to deal with the country’s growing aging population, as previous family planning measures have led to record lows in the birth rate.Recently, some people on the Internet discuss that the only child family has a “blessing”?If you meet the relevant conditions, you can receive “subsidy”. Please inform each other.Therefore, the state is very worried about this phenomenon, and then relaxed the three-child policy.Different people have different ideas about the country’s comprehensive three-child policy.The main point of those who support the three-child policy is that China is in an urgent age of aging.In order to alleviate the aging phenomenon in China, it is necessary to increase the birth rate of newborns.This method is currently the only way to solve the aging phenomenon in China, so quite a number of people support China’s three-child policy.In May 2021, China officially announced the three-child policy, which has been implemented for nearly half a year now.The main objection is concern about the cost of raising a child in a society where the cost of raising a child is very high.For many families, having a third child could easily worsen an already dismal financial situation.For this reason, most low-birth or middle class people say they will not consider a third child.At present, the married young men and women are mainly the only children in the family planning stage. The only children now not only have to support the old people in both families, but also have to raise the children.Therefore, the current pressure on only children is very great.For the only child is now the situation of our country is naturally understood, so our country according to the domestic situation to formulate and implement a preferential policy for the only child.The government has introduced a policy to support only children, but it does not mean that families with only children can receive welfare.Currently, families with only children who want to receive the three subsidies and the two welfare benefits need to meet the following requirements.First of all, the most basic requirement is to meet the one-child condition, second, the object of welfare is mainly for the only child before 2016, the last one is that you need to have the one-child honor card to obtain the support of related welfare, and relevant proof you need to apply through the local department.So what is the specific content of the only child subsidy?First of all, there are three major subsidies. The subsidy methods for different families in different provinces are also different.The subsidies are divided into three different subsidy modes.First, the one-time subsidy is a one-time subsidy between 1,000 and 5,000 yuan.Every month allowance is only child family every month can get 10 yuan allowance, namely 120 yuan of allowance a year.And then finally, there’s the pension increase, which is about 5%, or 10%.Then there are the two big benefits that only children have. The first one is nursing leave.That is to say, the only child can apply for nursing leave if the old person has physical discomfort during the working period. For example, the only child in Yunnan Province can enjoy 20 days of nursing leave and paid leave every year.The second is about the individual income tax subsidies.But the rule only applies to families with only one child who earn a relatively high monthly income.If your monthly income does not qualify for tax, then you are definitely not eligible for this benefit.For families with relatively substantial monthly income, you can enjoy the adjustment of personal income tax.Although relevant departments have announced some policies on one-child welfare, different provinces will make appropriate adjustments in implementing the policies according to their own circumstances, so we still don’t know the specific contents of the policies in each province.If you are an only-child family and meet the requirements mentioned above, you can apply for the only-child welfare subsidy. After all, the state provides free welfare policy, why not get it?Currently, most couples who are able to have a third child are only children born after the country’s one-child policy began in the last century.And want to drive the enthusiasm of the only child to have two children, we must give appropriate welfare subsidy policy.Conclusion From the strength of welfare subsidies provided by the state, China attaches great importance to the comprehensive opening of the three-child policy.Therefore, in order to reduce the impact of aging on China’s economic and social development, we still need to respond to appropriate policies to help promote the comprehensive implementation of the three-child policy.Today’s topic: “only child” families welcome good news!From 2022, it will enjoy three subsidies and two welfare benefits