Zhengzhou BMW vehicle loss value assessment

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One: to determine the maintenance of some parts of the vehicle damaged in advance, in the end should be replaced or should continue to use after maintenance, the opinions of the policyholder and the loss assessment member are also prone to differences.Generally speaking, the insurance company’s treatment opinions on the vehicle lost parts are mainly repair, that is, the lost parts can be repaired and used, and do not affect the normal use of the function, should be repaired.If the lost parts cannot be repaired, they can be replaced.Therefore, before maintenance or maintenance in the process, it is suggested that policy-holder and fixed loss member in time to negotiate, determine good maintenance means, in order to ensure that the corresponding compensation can be obtained.Note two: negotiable amount of loss in addition to the maintenance of easy to dispute, auto insurance loss of the dispute, the maintenance price of the dispute accounted for the majority.The case that often appears is: the maintenance cost amount given by the maintenance factory is higher than the loss amount approved by the insurance company loss assessor.Generally speaking, the loss assessor will refer to the market maintenance price to determine a reasonable amount of maintenance.However, due to the purchase channels and other reasons, the price of the parts into the repair shop is higher, or because of other reasons, the maintenance amount is relatively high.In this case, if the customer has an objection to the amount of loss, in fact, it is possible to communicate with the loss staff, and the loss staff and the repair shop to negotiate.In fact, most insurance companies are not “a number for life”, there is still room for negotiation.In addition to the above two reminders, if the amount of loss has been confirmed with the surveyor in the early stage according to the maintenance method of the 4S shop, do not go to the ordinary repair shop for maintenance.Because the maintenance amount required by the 4S shop is higher than that of the ordinary repair shop, if the customer pays the maintenance cost to the ordinary repair shop according to the fixed loss amount of the 4S shop, it is equivalent to the maintenance cost of the customer pays more.When the time comes to claim for compensation, the insurance company will reconfirm the loss amount according to the repair shop standard actually selected by the customer, and the owner himself may incur unnecessary expenditure burden.Can the car still be appraised after repair?After the vehicle is repaired, it can be identified, and the loss of the vehicle can be determined according to the repair evidence of the 4S shop.After the vehicle is out of insurance, the insurance company, THE 4S shop and the car owner cannot reach a unified opinion on the amount of damage and compensation for the vehicle, so an independent third-party organization is needed to determine the loss of the vehicle.Client: Changyuan People’s Court Entrusted matter: To appraise and appraise the lost value of SUFXXXX5 BMW small car, so as to provide value reference for the entrusting party.Identification materials: 1, SU Fxxxx5 BMW brand small car;2, Su Fxxxx5 BMW brand small car driving license copy and other information.1. Xx Automobile Service, Huiji District, Zhengzhou City;2. Henan Dingshuo Motor Vehicle Appraisal and Evaluation Co., LTD.Appraisal method According to the appraisal purpose, the appraisal method adopted in this study is the market method.Inspection results (1) Vehicle information Brand model: BMW BMxxxxN;License plate number: SuFXXXX5;Vehicle type: small sedan;Owner: Jiangsu Carlyle Lifting Machinery Co., LTD.Nature of use: non-operational;Color: black;Vehicle identification code: LBVxxxxx0;Engine no. : Axxx5;Registration Date: November 12, 2020.(2) Determine the basic maintenance cost evaluation target of SUFXXXX5 BMW brand vehicle. The total value of the basic maintenance cost on the accident occurrence date is RMB (in words) one hundred and ninety-five thousand and thirty-one yuan (in figures) ¥195,031.00. Please refer to the detailed list of vehicle damage evaluation.(3) Determination of scrap residual value After market investigation, the total value of the scrap residual value of suFXXXX5 BMW brand vehicle on the day of accident is about RMB (in words) one hundred yuan (in figures) ¥100.00.(4) determine the actual loss value of the accident according to the maintenance cost deducted from the scrap residual value, the total loss value of BMW sufxxxx5 vehicle on the accident occurrence day is RMB :(in words) one hundred and ninety-four thousand nine hundred and thirty-one yuan (in figures) ¥19,4931.00.Appraisal opinion according to the appraisal basis and appraisal method, considering the actual situation of the appraisal object, the loss value of Fxxxx5 BMW small car on the day of the accident is RMB :(in words) one hundred and ninety-four thousand nine hundred and thirty-one yuan (in figures) ¥19,4931.00.Note: This evaluation value refers to the loss value of the damaged vehicle, without considering the physical depreciation of the vehicle after repair, the impact of traffic accident loss on the overall vehicle replacement rate, and other losses caused by traffic accident.