Son Heung-min’s career is a killer of Manchester City, with tens of millions of Asian markets. Strange thing in football: No one wants him

2022-05-17 0 By

Tottenham hotspur beat Manchester City 3-2 at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday to end their 15-game unbeaten run and complete a double win over Manchester City.Harry Kane scored twice, but son Heung-min, Asia’s best player, also scored two assists.Tottenham hotspur are both the first two goals by the cloth Min assists, respectively is the opening selflessly assists library Lou plug, stroke successful, and the second half precision ball attachment Cain, in fact, if not Kane wasted a from the cloth Min inclined plug ball single-pole assists, cloth Min would have the chance single-game complete assists a hat trick.The South Korean has scored six goals and two assists in his last nine matches against Manchester City, including a lethal performance in the Knockout stages of the Champions League.However, it is difficult for fans to understand why There are few transfer rumors about Son heung-min when Kane is favored by a big club like Manchester City for his front thigh and his statistics against the top teams.Is it true that no team wants to bring him into the lineup?Son heung-min is not only capable, but also has at least 10 million Asian markets behind him.Rational analysis shows that there are multiple reasons for the silence of the transfer rumors regarding Son Heung-min.First, there are still doubts about The ability of Son, because after all, son is an Asian, and he has been at the peak of his career under Spurs. It is doubtful whether he can maintain this level after changing teams.Second, son’s contract with Tottenham hotspur has just been renewed until 2025, and the player is already 29 years old, so it is very risky to spend a lot of money to bring him in.Third, son heung-min’s deal would have been worth more if he had been exempted from military service earlier.And, of course, aside from all these factors, cloth Min now at tottenham side position high, not short on tactical status even number one harry Kane, combined with the Kane is likely to leave the club in the summer, when the cloth Min will become completely spurs the undisputed leader, with this kind of treatment, even if he was to dig, cloth Min may also want to carefully consider the,After all, you don’t always get to be the main force like you are now.