Comprehensive reform area: more than 3,000 builders stick to the front line of xiaohe New Town construction

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More than three thousand builders stick to the construction line of xiao He New Town to the Spring Festival reunion, shanxi comprehensive reform demonstration area key project builders still stick to the line, although ordinary but persistent, they take responsibility, struggling figure is the portrayal of this era.At the site of Xiaohe New Town project, more than 3,000 construction workers are busy at their respective working surfaces, with cranes standing all over and machinery roaring.Recently, with the top of no.2 hotel, the main structure of all single buildings started by Xiaohe New Town has been capped, and the project has entered the secondary structural construction stage.”The exhibition center is composed of three groups: north, central and South, with an indoor and outdoor net exhibition area of more than 120,000 square meters. The whole engineering structure is extremely complex, with long vertical and horizontal spans, many structural rods and steel beams, which need to coordinate many details in the actual construction.It is even more important to ensure safe production during the Spring Festival.”The exhibition center project site safety responsible for the head wearing safety helmet, ride the high car from time to time to about 30 meters high, check whether the roof welding is in place, check whether the hoist is running at full load, check whether the operation personnel is standard……”The construction of Xiaohe New City is a major deployment of our province to accelerate the construction of urban agglomeration in the middle of Shanxi and strive to rise in the middle of the high quality development.According to the work plan, the conference center, exhibition center and supporting hotel projects will be put into use by the end of the year, the whole project time is tight, heavy task, is a test for all the builders, but we are confident that high standards, high quality to complete the target task.”Ji Qiang, deputy general manager of Shanxi Park Construction and Development Group Co., LTD., said that in order to ensure safe production, all managers of the project department will stick to their posts and ensure the normal development of production while implementing various safety production measures.In order to ensure that construction personnel do not have ideological burden, the project department from the perspective of humanization, but also from the material aspects of the relevant logistics support measures.”On the morning of New Year’s Eve, the group paid a visit to us, and there were also activities on the same day, which made us feel very warm.”I’m proud to be part of such a big project. Although I won’t be able to go home for the Spring Festival, it’s even more special to be at the construction site.”Ma, a sichuan native worker, said.Source: Comprehensive reform New Area author: Zhang Xiangyu Qiao Jianbin Blame: Li Lintang Hua