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According to the requirements of the Implementation Plan of Ladder Water Price in Luancheng District, Shijiazhuang City (Shi Luancheng [2015] No. 11), residential users take residential house as the unit, one house corresponding to a property ownership certificate (or household registration book) is a household, and each household with more than 3 people (excluding) shall increase one person.The water base of each level will be increased by 36 cubic meters each year.One, for the first time to deal with users: water to carry water and the original and copy of the card, residence booklet, head of the household id original and photocopy, house property card original and photocopy, or r (village) committee to provide living proof, involving two or more registered permanent residence this getting users need to show proof of village committee jurisdiction or residents’ committees, prove several registered permanent residence this getting on personnel in this the incremental houses to live in.(indicate the number of residents, the name of the member and the relationship with the head of the household), and apply to the water supply company for an increase in the water supply base.2. Renewal users: Incremental users who have applied for incremental renewal last year should go to the water supply hall with water card, household booklet, household id card and house ownership certificate (all documents are original).Deal with the date to be on January 1 every year, On February 28.The increment will be valid in the current year. If the increment renewal is not applied for in the next year, the original water base will be restored.-88031652 (24 hours) Service Hall: 0311-85973002 (day) Edited/Yue Lin Source/District Water Supply Company