Xu Hospital Affiliated Hospital: the hospital started busy mode on the first working day after the Year of the Tiger

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February 7, 2022 is the first working day after the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger in the Lunar Calendar. The thick New Year atmosphere is still in the air. The main campus and the east Hospital of Xu Medical University Affiliated Hospital are already a harmonious and busy scene.New Year new atmosphere, all the medical staff with a new look, full of enthusiasm into the first day of the New Year busy work, fully ensure the medical needs of patients.Just before eight in the morning, a line of early patients was already forming in the outpatient hall.Under the guidance of medical guide and security personnel, the whole medical treatment process is orderly and busy.Patient Zhang Fang (pseudonym) arrived at xu Hospital early in the morning to see Professor Gu Yuming’s clinic.”Professor Gu treats patients with a very friendly attitude and is patient and meticulous in the treatment process. My disease has been treated very effectively by him.”Patients speak highly of Professor Gu yuming’s medical skills and ethics.Neurosurgery professor Yu as in the clinic, attracted an endless stream of patients to see a doctor.”This is the 30th patient I saw this morning. It is our mission and our mission to live up to the trust of our patients.”In the process of diagnosis and treatment, Professor Yu talked with the patients cordially, understood the condition in detail and gave professional diagnosis.In the Parkinson’s clinic, Professor Cui Guiyun is doing a muscle strength test for an elderly man.She patiently told the patient to relax, while carefully checking the old man’s movements and reactions.”There are a lot of patients turning up without appointments. It’s not easy for them to come all the way. I’ve asked the reception desk to give them their numbers.”Director Sun Dong of nephrology department is examining a patient.Before eight o ‘clock, Professor Sun Dong had lined up in the outpatient clinic, “this is the trust of patients to us, for us is not only pressure but also power, we must let every patient to see a disease, care about the disease, let them rest assured.”In the orthopedic clinic, Professor Yuan Feng is checking the patients who return to the clinic.The patient’s family said: “My disease is cured by Director Yuan, I trust Director Yuan!”In the face of pain, as long as the doctor and patient heart, will usher in a new hope of life.East hospital also ushered in the most busy day, appointment for medical treatment, appointment for hospitalization, appointment for examination, people come and go, an endless stream, but orderly.Director of traditional Chinese medicine Jia Xianhong, see a patient, hurriedly call a patient, he is in the east hospital outpatient is thunder dozen immovable.”Many patients are old patients, every registration is not easy, I can only do my best to repay the patient’s trust.”Jia said.The doctor in the ophthalmology clinic is patiently helping children to do vision testing, outside the clinic is sitting on the waiting chair waiting for patients to talk to each other: “the east hospital treatment environment is very loose, very comfortable, close to home, later to the east hospital to see a doctor.The same busy diagnosis and treatment situation is also happening in other departments…Although it was morning, the gastroscopy room was already busy.”This morning, guided fine needle biopsy under endoscopic ultrasonography, ultrasonic gastroscopy, painless gastroscopy, painless colonoscopy, endoscopic examination such as colon polyps resection and treatment is full, many patients want to get the result at the first time, patient satisfaction, this is our New Year’s new” red-hatted gastroscope room head nurse said with a smile.Imaging department, laboratory department, ultrasound department, ecg room……Each window unit, in the staff with twelve points of enthusiasm into the work, for the examination, they hope a little faster and faster, let the patient do not wait too long.”It’s so convenient that I can read the results on my official account.””Said one patient, swiping the screen.In front of the guide desk, there was a long line of patients who came to ask for treatment. Every guide was earnestly performing their post duties and providing consulting services for patients with a smile.In the face of patients with inconvenient legs and feet, the guide girl sisters pushed up the wheelchair to help them see a doctor.The outpatient nurses start at 8 a.m., without even a sip of water.In order to maintain order, they held a megaphone and shouted, “Please queue up in order, watch the screen and come to see a doctor.”At the end of the day, they were so tired that they could hardly speak.In the operating room, a table is ready for surgery.After every holiday, due to the irregular life and other factors, the number of patients may be higher, and all the medical staff in the operating room are ready to work overtime.Epidemic prevention and control remains the immediate priority.Fever clinic, nucleic acid collection is the war “epidemic” outpost, the first checkpoint is very important.Yesterday, there were many people who had to go abroad to do nucleic acid. The hospital opened two more Windows overnight and collected nucleic acid of more than 500 people.Today, in the face of such a large number of people on the first day of the New Year, medical staff still guard the “front line”.”Outpatient patients are too many, in order to let the patient can eat, we organize the canteen to the outpatient shop to sell box lunch, enough, must let the people to see a doctor to eat.”Zhang Dianan of dietary management branch said.In addition to ensuring the meals of patients, canteen masters in the first day of work is also to make a full effort, for the staff and patients to make a variety of delicious dishes.In the day after day on the run, in the busy day and night, in the serious and focused ward round, in the rescue against time, in the excellence of the operation, Xu Hospital affiliated hospital with practical actions to practice the declaration of medical workers, rushed to heal the wounded and save the dying, disease prevention and treatment on the road.Their dedication is a warmth, a love, a drop of sweat, a true feeling;Their dedication is the most precious youth, in exchange for the happiness of thousands of families, health and peace!