Xiamen Talent Market offline opening: the first “Comprehensive + Cultural and Creative Industry special Exchange”

2022-05-14 0 By

After the Spring Festival, it is the peak time for enterprises to employ workers, according to xiamen Radio Power Grid.In order to further increase talent human resource elements of security work, meet the labor demand of zhuhai companies today, xiamen talent in the exchange markets recover, held the first “comprehensive + special cultural creative industry conference”, sign up to attend attracted 42 units, provide sales, designers, technical engineers, the waiter 180 jobs, such as demand for 751 people.The reporter understands, the next month, with further release recruitment job requirements, the city talent market plans for site communication meeting on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, February 18, at present, will be held on February 22, respectively “comprehensive + special Marine economy industry conference” and “comprehensive communication meeting”, in order to provide a more adequate personnel for the development of our city high quality intellectual support.In order to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, the number of employers attending each job fair is temporarily limited to 50, and the number of people present at the same time is limited to 200.Talent at the same time, the city market channels also live chat online applying for synchronous open, “cities thousand 2022 graduate school ten thousand people – xiamen enterprise cloud big recruitment”, “a school called” also continues to play a role to attract online platform, expected a total of more than 1300 units, providing nearly 30000 jobs demand, make sure to apply for a job “line”.(Reporter: Qiao Zhiming)