What will SAIC Volkswagen do in 2021 for the win-win of product and marketing

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Affected by the epidemic, chip supply and other problems, the global automobile industry suffered a severe blow in 2021, but the Chinese market showed vigorous vitality and continued the trend of sustained growth.As the vane of domestic automobile enterprises, SAIC Volkswagen’s performance in 2021 is dazzling, especially its play in the new energy market, which not only gets the attention of the industry, but also wins the recognition of consumers.Among them, the most representative is the ID. Family of SAIC Volkswagen.In the field of new energy, SAIC Volkswagen seems to be relatively low-key, but in fact in 2021, ID.The family has launched three star models successively, which are ID.4X, ID.6x and ID.3 in the order of launch.Obviously, in its electrified transformation strategy, SAIC Volkswagen pays more attention to the quality of its products and the value they can bring to users than the flashy design.First of all, the three models of THE ID. family of SAIC Volkswagen all come from Shanghai Anting MEB plant, which has an initial investment of 17 billion yuan, covers an area of 405,600 square meters, and an annual production capacity of 300,000 units.The landing of anting MEB plant not only provides guarantee for the subsequent delivery of SAIC-Volkswagen terminals, but also shows the three characteristics of “intensive environmental protection”, “high automation” and “intelligent network connection”.It is reported that the Shanghai Anting MEB plant uses a total of 28 energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, including cogeneration of heat and power, solar photovoltaic power generation, rainwater recycling, energy management systems and so on.Reduce energy, water, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds and waste by 20 percent.On the product level, the ID. family model built on MEB platform has carried out 388 battery safety tests, including extreme collision, chemical erosion, salt fog, fire and so on, far exceeding the test items stipulated by the state, escorting every model of the user.At the same time, under the guidance of saic Volkswagen’s professional team, the driving experience of ID. family models is more similar to that of traditional fuel cars, and both novice and veteran drivers have no pressure to touch.In addition, when the vehicle turns, due to the excellent chassis toughness, ID. family also has a control feeling beyond the same level of electric vehicles, bringing users a unique driving experience.Obviously, in the context of electrification, ID. family has occupied the C position of SAIC Volkswagen family and become an unavoidable choice for consumers when buying new energy models.In addition to product quality, quality, users are also very concerned about the purchase channel, especially in the Era of the Internet, the price has become more clear and transparent, so the implementation of affordable, convenient marketing mode is imminent.In this regard, SAIC Volkswagen took the lead in putting forward the concept change from “product operation” to “user operation”, earnestly implementing the new retail, and creating a different car purchase process from the traditional one for consumers.In terms of service terminals, SAIC Volkswagen introduced the concept of “7S Experience Terminal”, that is, on the basis of 4S shops, it integrates three new segments, Smart, Social and Share, to maximize the service radius of the brand to users.It enables users to achieve seamless consultation, experience, transaction, delivery, interconnection and after-sales services in an intelligent way.At the same time, SAIC Volkswagen also created a new urban showroom ID. Store X for consumers, which is ID.Family is an important reason why it attracts young users.The new exhibition hall is located in the bustling business district of major cities, and its construction scale and technological content far exceeds that of traditional dealers.Inside the ID. Store X exhibition hall, SAIC Volkswagen has prepared digital, technological and intelligent experience terminals for consumers.This not only enables users to have a clearer understanding of id. family, but also fits the consumption habits of modern young people in a more popular way.Id. Store X is a key link for SAIC Volkswagen to develop new retail formats.In addition, SAIC-Volkswagen Super APP is also an important point to provide services for users. By the end of Last November, SAIC-Volkswagen super APP has attracted 6 million fans and is expanding rapidly at the rate of 1 million new users per month, making it the largest automobile digital ecosystem in China.In addition to the transformation of the model, SAIC Volkswagen is also constantly updating its “gameplay”, which is also based on ID.For example, the family has carried out in-depth cooperation with several IP such as Popular characters of Pokemon and Monkey King, and cooperated with king of Glory KPL official professional League to penetrate into the user groups of more age groups and become one with users through live broadcasting and hot topics.As a 37-year-old joint venture automobile brand with a strong reputation, SAIC Volkswagen gives full play to its own advantages and conscientiously carries out product layout with the user’s thinking to provide consumers with a reliable and assured ID during the transition to electrification.Pure electric family.On the other hand, relying on the Internet itself, the brand new marketing model created by SAIC Volkswagen has built a more efficient and convenient platform for consumers.