The daughter-in-law praised her for taking care of her mother-in-law with love and “filial piety” for 22 years

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At 5:00 a.m., when many people were still asleep, the lights were on at a house in The Qiaoxi Family Courtyard of pingshan County Transportation Bureau.Li Haixia’s home.Her mother-in-law has been ill for 22 years, nearly five or six years is bedridden, Li Haixia will get up before dawn every day to take care of her mother-in-law’s life.She and her husband have been married for more than 30 years. They always treat their mother-in-law like a mother and are widely praised by their relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues.Li Haixia is 55 years old, pingshan county transportation bureau is a retired worker.She was born in a pure family style, traditional culture quite deep family, from a young age to develop a caring, filial piety and good character.When she got married more than 30 years ago, she said to her mother-in-law, “From now on, you are just like my own mother. No matter what circumstances, I will be dutiful to you all my life.Li haixia’s mother-in-law dong Jianqing was a primary school teacher before she retired. She worked early and went home late every day. In order to make her mother-in-law feel at ease in teaching, she got up before dawn to buy food, cook and wash clothes.At that time, there was no washing machine, washing clothes are rubbed by hand, in the winter, the hands are red with cold, sometimes her mother-in-law to help her, she always said to her mother-in-law, work tired day, let her rest.When guests came, she never let her mother-in-law make tea and cook by herself, and only let the elderly accompany guests to chat.One work, the sky suddenly heavy rain, she saw the old man has not come back, hurriedly picked up the umbrella ran out, when received the mother-in-law, two people close together, the mother-in-law moved to meet people will boast that he has a good daughter-in-law.It is often said that “a filial son is better than a straight son”. It is also filial piety to make the elderly happy.Li Haixia every time and old people meet, don’t call mom don’t talk, call is the same.Every festival to buy clothes, shoes for the elderly always buy high grade, practical, the old man feel that he has a salary, do not want to let her spend, she said: “you buy and I buy is very different, you buy is yours, I buy is a filial piety to you.”In daily life, she has different views on things, especially on children’s education. She never talks about it directly, but communicates with her mother-in-law side by side and reaches consensus in communication.For more than 30 years, she and her mother-in-law never quarreled or blushed, and neighbors envied them as closer than mother and daughter.In 2000, Li Haixia’s mother-in-law suddenly suffered from cerebral thrombosis, which brought a lot of inconvenience to life. She ran around with her family to actively treat the elderly.Her mother-in-law is a lively character who loves to talk and move. After she fell ill, her spirit suddenly collapsed, and she spent all day in tears, crying whenever she saw anyone.She encouraged the elderly to cooperate with the treatment, strengthen exercise, help the elderly practice walking, a half a day, sweat soaked clothes, arm tired sour, but never complained.In 2012, her mother-in-law fell ill again and became paralyzed in bed. She fed food and water every day and waited on her bedside.The diet is more focused on nutrition, steamed eggs in the morning hot milk, plus protein powder.Her mother-in-law’s teeth are not good, she will chop the meat into mud, a variety of ways to increase nutrition for her mother-in-law.She bought a wheelchair and pushed the old man out for a walk.She and her mother-in-law were seen in the parks and streets near their home.In order to solve her mother-in-law’s problems, she often invited her mother-in-law’s friends and colleagues to come home to accompany her to dinner and chat.One day, she just cut her nails for the old man, the old man pulled her guiltily said, is my drag you, she hurriedly comfort mother-in-law, “you are my mother, I don’t care who tube.”The words brought tears to the old man’s eyes.In 2019, her mother-in-law, who had been lying in bed for seven years, became seriously ill, fell into a coma and lost consciousness. After being admitted to the hospital, she had to rely on a ventilator. The doctor told Haixia and her family at that time that she was too old to escape this time.But had to pull the old man back home, looking like a vegetable mother-in-law, Haixia heart cut, massage her every day, chat with her, talk about the past said now, hope to wake up her mother-in-law.But she knows that this is not a day half a day, must have a strong perseverance to do.She made up her mind not to give up as long as the old man could breathe.She insisted on massage and talked to her mother-in-law before bed every day. After 81 days of Haixia’s persistence, she recovered her ability to speak again.To help her regain her memory, Haixia bought a “Xiaodu” smartphone and let it chat and sing with her mother-in-law.Over the years, she focused all her energy on taking care of her mother-in-law, learning various nursing techniques such as massages, injections, blood pressure and blood sugar.When relatives came to visit her mother-in-law, they praised her for her meticulous care for the elderly, and were deeply moved by her filial piety.