Good news!British 2 people on the list of sichuan province’s first rural rich leader list

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Zhang Tianyi, from Longquanyi District of Chengdu, was identified as one of the first batch of rural enrichment leaders in Sichuan province, according to the implementation plan of sichuan Province’s Five-year Action plan for Rural Talent revitalization (2021-2025) and The Implementation Plan of Sichuan Province’s Rural Enrichment Leaders Support Plan (2021-2025).Among them, my county 2 honorable list!List of the first batch of Leaders in Rural Prosperity in Sichuan Province (Suining part) Suining City (15 people) Chuanshan District: Zheng Quanlin Liang Jian ‘an Residential Area: Deng Zhikuang Shi Li Xia Xianwei Shi Hong City: Chen Li Hua Xie Junfu Li Renjun Pengxi County: Du Yuanming Jiang Zhimin Li Pan Daying County: Tang Kaijin Yang Xue Suining Economic Development Zone: Luo Jinfang Hedong New Area:Luo Junhua rural enrichment leaders are practical rural talents who play a demonstrative and leading role in agricultural technology popularization, market development, industrial integration, income increase and prosperity, etc. They are an important force for the revitalization of rural industries and talents, and a new force for promoting the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.According to the structure of the 500 rural leaders, 311 are Party members, accounting for 62.2 percent.There are 99 village cadres (67 of them are secretaries of village Party organizations), accounting for 19.8%;79 migrant workers returned home, accounting for 15.8%;18 people, accounting for 3.6%;135 major professional households, accounting for 27%;117 family farmers, accounting for 23.4%;272 persons in charge of farmers’ cooperatives, accounting for 54.4%;157 persons in charge of agricultural enterprises accounted for 31.4%.The above 8 terms cross each other.According to the type of people taking the lead in getting rich, 450 people, accounting for 90%, developed the planting and breeding industry;301 people, or 60.2%, popularized agricultural technology;297 (59.4%) took the lead in or participated in the development of collective economy;247, or 49.4%, explored agricultural markets;201 people, accounting for 40.2%, returned to their hometowns to start businesses (including college students and businesspeople, etc.);177 people, or 35.4%, developed new industries and forms of business.The above six terms cross each other.Scan or long press the qr code below to enter the official website to view more names. Are there any familiar names among these two people?Let us know in the comments section!Statement this public account where indicated source of britannics media articles, authorization can be reproduced.Editor | Liu Xuehuan | Wu Juan | Huang Xiaoqian | Final | Qi Min | Yang Hongmei | Zheng Lei | Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs | Official website | British Media | Please scan and download the “Legendary British” APP