Why can’t the rockets’ efficient dual-core play help the team win

2022-05-12 0 By

The Rockets lost 139-120 to the Raptors at home on Feb. 11, their fourth straight loss and their 2-8 record in 10 games remain 15th in the Western Conference., the game is trading as the rockets’ first game in the future, at the trade deadline rocket off ‘, for Mr Schroder and fernando, in order to make the transaction of the places, and cut the augustine and Brooks, and the raptors at the trade deadline, trades, Della got eubanks and sai, Yang,The trade between the two teams had relatively little impact on the game.This game, Rockets guard Eric Gordon is still out of the game, Silas again changed the rockets starting, the use of wood + Shin Jing double center inside configuration, from this game back to porter, Green, Tate, Matthews, Wood starting lineup.When Silas did not use the two-center system, the rockets’ offensive fire immediately burst, Matthews’ three-point shooting is a threat, can open up space for other players, Porter opened the game with consecutive 3-pointers, also can dribble into the lane, the Rockets offensive force.When the rockets are better in space, wood, Porter and Green are more comfortable shooting and dribbling, Matthews is the main effect is to open space, Tate is the main effect is to attack the frame, change the opposition defense formation, the rockets in such a lineup, the attack is very smooth.In the early stages, the Raptors’ defense was also poor, especially Anunobi, who often sleepwalked on the court, allowed the rockets to pass many times, as well as the pick-and-roll air cut through the rockets, the combination of the rockets always caught the Raptors’ defensive weaknesses, the Raptors’ poor defensive focus, often exposed the defensive holes.In substitute cohesive paragraph, Silas to avoid the whole reserves, as a result of poor offensively, wood, potter, and green, the presence of at least two players, drives the second unit, cohesive paragraph in reserve, passing ability and ball “Beijing bared talent, make the rockets offensive window, Martin in the end of the lane, become the most stable score point, the rockets benchWith Porter, Green and Wood in good shape this game, the rockets did not present a huge problem on the offensive end, the problem still appeared on the defensive end.On defense, the rockets made so many mistakes, rockets in the face of the raptors defense is the most intuitive feelings change, appears very not adapt, particularly the raptors adopts full court press defensive, lead to the rocket sent the ball in a venue for many times, has been in the back steals, easy basket, the rockets this such points directly at least 10 points.The Rockets were riddled with turnovers, committing 21 to 11 by the Raptors, who forced too many conversion points.Rocket number one for the raptors kamm poor defense, whether Tate, shen jing, or wood, in the face of josiah kamm to post back through the force, the rockets have no defensive match point, let kamm scored 30 points, the rockets inside to beg to take this rocket inside runs up to 70 points, the rockets in the raptors inside scoring only 54 points,Siakam made 13 of 19 shots from the field and became a defensive nightmare for the Rockets.The rockets also didn’t play well on the perimeter, giving Trent a lot of open 3-pointers and being penalized by Trent, who scored 42 points on 6-of-13 3-point shooting, while Anunobi also hit a lot of 3-pointers, which made the rockets unable to play both inside and outside of the defense.The Rockets also did a poor job of rebounding, allowing the Raptors to grab 14 offensive rebounds, most of which were converted, although the Rockets also grabbed 13 and did not convert many points.Add to that the fact that the Rockets were blown up so many times, that Porter was one-stepped, and that Wood’s defense was so ineffective against the Raptors that the rockets lost by 139 points in no overtime, and you can see how badly the rockets’ defense was doing.In a two teams are not good defensive game, the raptors offense is more stable, higher level players attack and attack in fits, and the rockets made more young people make the mistake on the defensive end, prompting the gap is widening, but the game, the rockets in cultivating small Kevin potter and jay Greene, showed a certain degree of progress, this for the rockets,More meaningful than the losses, the development of young players is the only thing the team can measure while keeping its eyes on the future.