Soybean meal, soybean oil skyrocketed to a high, when can copy the top?

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Soybean meal market should not be in charge of our country, soybean meal we are mainly imported from the United States, to see the direction of the large cycle of soybean meal, we have to see the trend of soybean meal in the United States.American soybean meal daily line cycle – the market during the Spring Festival after a continuous high, the line is now in a callback stage, I recently read a lot of headlines hair soybean meal analysis, a lot of people are ready to copy the top, I personally think it is premature.First of all, soybean meal from near the daily line to pull up a new high, the current price of the K line position and the trend line left such a large blank position, can the market directly from the high, continuous crazy out of the negative line below the trend line?The possibility is very low, the trend of large probability will be back to step on the high near the former continue to pull up, of course, if the trend of strong may not be back to step on the high, began to rise again.Secondly, from the wave structure, after the Spring Festival pull up wave type, the overall rise of the space, than the previous November to January between the rise is larger, not in line with 3 to 5 waves excessive.The previous wave should be regarded as a 12 wave, the latest pullup and pullback as a 3 or 4 wave, followed by a new high pullup, 5 waves can be completed, you can start shorting.Look at the American meal 4-hour cycle, the market from the rapid rising trend line broke, the trend began to adjust, but also came out of the short channel, has been re-out of the short channel from the fall, the market is expected to enter the stage of rebound again.And the trend in the process of adjustment, the overall trend in the high 435 near the rebound, also very in line with the trend of the general law of the market.Soybean meal 30 minutes – back to look at the trend of domestic soybean meal, 30 minutes cycle, the market into the adjustment stage, the current short-term adjustment has ended, the trend is expected to reopen long.The market has been blocked in a row near 3725, has broken through, formed a W bottom structure in the short term, technical short-term support is very strong, it is recommended that friends concerned about soybean meal in the near future, should continue to do more in the trend of current price 3780 to 3725 range, stop 3647 below, the target to see a new high, waiting for the market out of a new high after looking for opportunities to close positions.The next round in a new high, you can find the opportunity to short copy the top, specific short point, because there is no historical K line reference is not good forecast, so short when the time comes, according to the right breakthrough approach to trade, will be more secure.************************* us soybean oil daily line cycle – market daily line is still in the trend of long, from the overall trend, the recent long daily line must touch the former top 68.7 dollars to go, now the daily line has a certain space, to the former top near after can do short?I think the risk is very big, if this trend, not after such a long shock in the middle, when the direct high, can consider the high short, the United States soybean oil comprehensive view, the daily line after such a long stage of shock, sprint high, may not break through the new high.So want to short friends, it is best to hold their hands, do not try to empty, it is recommended to wait for the daily trend line break, then to consider short.Soybean oil daily line trend, the market continued to pull up for a very long time, up very high, does not mean that you can be short.In the near future many people private letter ask me, can bean oil do short, this is retail often like to do things, skyrocketing copy top, slump copy bottom, and without technical basis enter the field, all by feeling and from the profit and loss ratio.If you want to go short, it makes sense from a strategic point of view, because the market is too high, the risk of going long is also very big, and if you go short, if you get to the top, you make a lot of money.But from the tactical must be rigorous, so strong trend, point game short, it is too unreliable, must wait for the day line trend line break, then short.That would give up some of the profits at the top, but it would be much safer. There is never a shortage of moves in the futures market. What is missing is that when the moves actually come, you still have money to trade them.Shanghai tin long trend is so strong, I also did a short copy of the top in November 25 last year, although there is no big profit, but can do in the big reverse reverse situation, but also a small profit, it is already a victory.Now soybean oil and soybean meal are very strong long, easy not to try short try in a short cycle, should wait for the big cycle to go steady, and then to consider doing a reversal, short term or long.Better point trading, can follow my real-time strategy, investment needs to be cautious, personal views, only for reference, profit and loss own # futures ## futures [super]## futures daily trading strategy #