She used to rely on the appearance level red out of “half the sky”, now career gradually encounter cold, official announced divorce occupation hot search

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If the biggest melon at the start of this year;So it would be on the 28th;Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying have officially announced their divorce.This news also shocked a lot of people;They have been married since 2015;It has been seven years;But this time it didn’t seem to experience the seven-year itch;However, many netizens also said that;In fact, in the past few years;There have already been reports of breakups between the two.In fact, from the current development of Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming;There are already some that don’t quite fit;But what really broke up the couple;But I didn’t come to this one in a day or two;And Yang Ying from the original by virtue of the appearance of the level and red through half the sky artist;Until now, not only has marriage not been preserved;Career is cold;It’s also a state of retrograde;Let’s take a look at the news about Yang Ying with Le Feng.1. I believe many people know the development path of Yang Ying from young model to actress.Ying started her career as a model;And made his debut at the age of fourteen;In her early days, Ying signed a contract with a Japanese agency;She was featured in fashion magazines Ray and Dear;In the modeling world made a very good reputation;In the circle of the time;Yang Ying is also known as the “ceiling of tender models”;Has its own very good development.And after more than four years of modeling;Ying made her big screen debut;He was introduced to the field of acting by his guest appearance on “Broken Things”;But at the time, Ying had no plans to become an actress;But continued to carry out their own modeling work;And also by virtue of beautiful image;She was a dancer in Jay Chou’s concert.In modeling;Yang Ying also has a love affair of her own;And that was William Chan.But neither was famous at the time;So it doesn’t get a lot of attention;In 2009;Yang Ying’s development has brought about some changes;At that time, Yang Ying already had a good reputation in the modeling industry;So with beautiful image;Starred in “Short boy Affectionate”, “Hua Tian Xi Matter 2010” and some other works;From then on, he formally stepped into the actor industry.But although Ying has an actress’s identity;There was no plan for the time;Is still constantly continuing their own modeling career;For the future exactly where the development;I didn’t make any choices;And all this;It was also after Yang Ying met Huang Xiaoming;Made a huge difference;Yang Ying’s future development direction;Then officially entered the entertainment circle;And by virtue of their own excellent appearance level gained great recognition.2. With the support of Huang Xiaoming and his appearance level, he became a famous artist at the end of 2009;Yang Ying goes to KTV to sing with her friends in the process;In which came across Huang Xiaoming;They had known each other since then;And left contact information for each other;Then the two began to keep in touch;At 10 years;Yang Ying was also invited by Huang Xiaoming;She starred as the lead in “Can’t Stand it”;From then on, rumors of an affair began to spread between the two.At that time, Yang Ying didn’t have much plan for her future;But Huang xiaoming said he wanted Yang Ying to act;And he will provide resources;Because at that time Huang Xiaoming has relied on “Condor Heroes” and other works;To become officially famous in the circle;Therefore, Yang Ying also relied on Huang Xiaoming’s resources;He began his career as an actor;Its acting “ruffian hero”, “Hot in The City” and so on;Huang Xiaoming was looking for resources for Yang Ying.Because Ying’s acting career is developing steadily;The relationship between the two also began to be officially exposed;And often have intimate interactions in front of everyone;And Yang Ying with huang Xiaoming the tree;Plus their own excellent appearance level;In the circle mixed with the wind is smooth;He has worked with famous actors such as Tony Leung ka-fai and Eddie Peng.But when it comes to Yang Ying’s real peak;Probably on the running Man variety show in ’14.In the program, Yang Ying was the only female guest in the Brotherhood.The attention of nature is very high;And she doesn’t care about her appearance on the show;On the contrary, he enjoyed himself with the other guests;Because of the image of a tough woman;Plus the explosion of Running Man;Yang Ying is also loved by many audiences;From then on, Ying was officially established in the circle.At the peak of Yang Ying’s development;Huang Xiaoming also proposed to her;They were married 15 years later.At that moment;Yang Ying is the real experience of what is called love career double harvest;After being with Huang Xiaoming;Yang Ying’s development is better and better day by day;After two people have a little sponge;The feeling is also more and more solid;The wedding of the century;Let Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming two people become a very envied couple.But the feelings between the two;After a period of intense love;But also gradually appeared a lot of cracks;It was years ago;Two people buried the seed of marriage change;And in recent years;The seed, too, took root and sprouted rapidly;Thus leading to today’s formal divorce;So what really caused the divorce?Let’s continue to look at it with Le Feng.3. Your career took a hit and your marriage didn’t last.When Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming were together;Out of the “mistress scandal” bar;Because huang Xiaoming was in love with Li Fei er at that time;So After Ying and he got together;The news that Yang Ying is a mistress also came out;But at that time Huang Xiaoming also carried on the protection;And Yang Ying is also a powerful fight back;So this paragraph of news also gradually subsided down.But last year, during the second season of “Big Wave”;The news was dug up again;And At that time, Li Fei was on the show;On stage with Huang Xiaoming;Although Yang Ying once again clarified the matter;Huang Xiaoming also announced his exit from the second season;But the news broke;Is it just a coincidence?Judging by their current divorce;It should be more than a coincidence;Because a few years ago;The news of their divorce was already out.In an event in ’18;Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming are strangers;Not only did they not sit together;There was no interaction or eye contact;There is only with a business smile greeting;So at that time, many people were very sensitive to the taste of marriage;However, Huang Xiaoming approached Yang Ying actively afterwards;In the following activities for her to lift the skirt;Constantly and Yang Ying together in the camera to refute rumors.Those actions at the time;Also let everyone gradually dispel doubts;But it seems that since then;Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming interact less and less together;Even with children, I take one photo of each person;And the number of times Yang Ying takes care of her children alone has increased a lot;Especially after the two canceled the exchange of weibo;Is to let everyone guess;And during that time;Yang Ying is also in a career bottleneck.I’ve been in show business for a while;But there is no representative work to be made;Although Skyscraper briefly showcases Ying’s acting skills;But the next few were less than satisfactory;Even Running, which has been a regular guest;It’s not as hot as it used to be;It can be said that The development of Yang Ying is relatively difficult;Though with her pretty face;She also has some resources to play;But if you don’t come up with something good soon;Maybe Yang Ying will soon be eliminated by the constantly updated entertainment industry.The ongoing rift between Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming;It has now become an irreversible state;They are now divorcing;It must have taken a very long time to consider;The decision was made in a calm mood;So there was no impulse;It’s a foregone conclusion now;So we can only wish Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming a happy single life;After all, there’s no turning back.4. The end is actually Yang Ying, the artist;Even without huang Xiaoming’s help at the beginning;As long as she plays in the entertainment industry to develop;Then there’s a good resource of nature;Because her appearance level is very excellent;In the entertainment industry, where the level of appearance was justice a few years ago;Yang Ying can also have a very good development;And years of time in her performance development is not short in the breakthrough of their own;That, too, is what keeps people loving her;Although Yang Ying doesn’t have many masterpieces now;But then she’ll have better resources, too.Now after divorce Yang Ying;I’m back to the single life I wanted;In addition to caring for children;She would also be able to spare more time to develop her career;Also need not maintain and Huang Xiaoming’s feelings constantly in front of outsiders;Although the divorce is regrettable;But as an adult, Yang Ying is also responsible for her own affairs;Hopefully, Yang Ying will find a better partner.Well, that’s the end of today’s news about Yang Ying and her divorce from Huang Xiaoming.If you have any views or opinions;Welcome to leave a comment below;Finally, don’t forget to watch a Happy movie.