Li Liang Lei issued a post back to Wang Leehom, two people conflict escalation again, when can divorce farce Hugh?

2022-05-12 0 By

2022 has passed nearly half a month, in the majority of melon eating masses have no melon to eat, Li Lianglei and Wang Leehom unexpectedly once again open fight.On January 11, Li Jinglei posted a letter accusing Wang Leehom late at night.In the article, Ms. Li noted that Mr. Wang had planned to return home after completing his quarantine to visit his son and give him some company as an opportunity to smooth over their relationship.However, the relationship between the two people deteriorates further this time.It turned out that Wang Leehom was not going home alone. He was accompanied by three men he had never seen.According to the agreement, only Wang was allowed to visit his children.It was clear that Wang had violated their agreement.Li Liang Lei will be angry under the door locked, Wang Lee-hom and three men in the gate also said some threats.In Li’s opinion, Wang’s return home is not just to see his children, but to show the media, trying to give a good father image.Li Lianglei also said that he locked the door is not because of anger, but for the safety of themselves and their children, three strange men want to enter their home, locked the door is a mother to protect their children’s instinctive reaction.However, wang’s agent said that although wang did not see his baby this time, he will communicate with Li Jinglei, hoping that wang can see his baby as soon as possible.The agent also said that Li lianglei is pure rumor, together with the three men have been accompanied by Wang’s staff for many years.In response to the voice of Leehom wang’s manager, Li Lianglei once again issued a statement, said that the hands of Leehom Wang unbearable evidence, later will be handed over to the police.Everything was said with certainty, as if there were more divorce secrets at hand.And Wang Leehom also not to be outdone: if Li Lianglei really have evidence, please as soon as possible to the police, let the relevant departments to deal with this matter.Unexpectedly, Li Lianglei soon issued a statement back to Wang Leehom, claiming to have called the police, and the police did receive a call from Li Lianglei.It’s been a month since Li Jinglei’s divorce from Wang Leehom, but the truth is still a mystery.Two people’s melon has eaten a month, really do not know when two people’s farce can rest.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.​