Zhang Zetian has become the richest woman worth 188 billion yuan after winning a 120 million yuan mansion in Australia and spending 5000 yuan on a meal

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Domestic call young beautiful business women rich it may be said is not much, among them “milk tea sister” Zhang Zetian will undoubtedly be one of the best, she with Liu Qiangdong’s marriage from the beginning is not optimistic, so after marriage Zhang Zetian how?Zhang zetian, who was born in 1992, is only 28 now, but she has already made a leap in class beyond her peers, spending 5,000 yuan on a single meal.At the age of 16, Zhang zetian became an Internet celebrity, even auditioning for Zhang Yimou’s Film The Flowers of War. She was recommended to Tsinghua University at 18 for her aerobics skills.In 2013, Zhang Zetian met LIU Qiangdong, THE CEO of JD.com, who was studying in the United States for exchange. Two years later, she announced her marriage.In the same year of their marriage, Liu qiangdong bought Zhang Zetian a mansion worth 20 million US dollars (120 million RMB) in Australia and let Zhang Zetian use it as a vacation villa.Secondly, Zhang Zetian’s standard of material consumption is also very high. In 2019, someone broke the news that he noticed Zhang Zetian bringing friends to dinner in a western restaurant.According to netizens, Zhang Zetian spent 5,000 yuan for a steak meal, which is shocking considering that many people in China earn less than 4,000 yuan a month.In addition, in early January this year, there were people tracking Zhang Zetian and Liu Qiangdong shopping, according to the jewelry store inquiry after their shopping consumption, they spent at least 1 million yuan to buy gold and silver jewelry in one day.Such a huge consumption expenditure can not help but make people feel envious, so How rich is Zhang Zetian?The joint wealth of Zhang zetian and Liu Qiangdong reached 188 billion yuan, ranking 54th in the world and 18th in China, according to hurun global Rich List 2021.According to the current list of the richest women in China, Zhang Zetian has undoubtedly become the only richest woman among the post-90s.After becoming famous, Zhang Zetian, relying on her status as the owner of JINGdong, has made a public appearance all over the world. In addition to having dinner with Nobel Prize winners, she has also done charity work with Microsoft boss Bill Gates. Almost none of her peers in China have such strength.However, for Zhang Zetian many people feel that she is empty, flashy, but the fact that zhang Zetian if there is no strength and wisdom, LIU Qiangdong is afraid it is difficult to look at her.According to Liu Qiangdong himself, Zhang Zetian is very self-disciplined, starting from 8 o ‘clock every morning to audit the company’s meetings, after which he would take the company’s materials to learn business knowledge.No matter how busy she is, She spends an hour and a half every night to learn business knowledge. At that time, She puts her mobile phone and other communication tools in another room, where no one can disturb her.And Liu qiangdong also said admiringly that Zhang Zetian is very interested in learning skills, in addition to learning English, boxing, learning how to dress herself.In short, Zhang Zetian has been a diligent image in front of the world.Many people may think that Zhang Zetian does not make sense, after all, her assets have enough to enjoy life, do not have to work hard.But in fact, Zhang zetian’s pursuit is not limited to that. On August 24, 2021, Zhang spent 20 million yuan to open two businesses in Liu’s hometown suqian, Jiangsu Province.There are signs that Zhang zetian wants to escape the stereotype of Liu qiangdong’s wife, or the owner of JD.com, in order to prove himself with his own ability and strength.And it is worth mentioning that Zhang Zetian is also very generous, before Liu Qiangdong deep public opinion storm, Zhang Zetian not only did not put forward a divorce with Liu Qiangdong, but also everywhere to maintain her husband, attracted a lot of praise and support.Nowadays, Zhang Zetian is no longer an inexperienced female student, but a powerful woman with outstanding strength in all aspects and huge wealth. According to her plan, she may open her own company in Suqian, Jiangsu province in the future, and then she may break out a business road through her own ability.Are there any different opinions about Zhang Zetian’s experience and her love life with Liu Qiangdong?