On February 19th Mr Putin presided over a nuclear exercise;Biden predicts war date;700,000 people were evacuated from Ukraine

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The Russian military will begin a large-scale nuclear exercise on February 19 to test the combat readiness of the armed forces and the reliability of weapons and equipment, the Kremlin said on February 18.President Putin is personally in charge of the drills, but it is not clear how he will participate.Troops participating in the exercise include the Russian military’s southern military district, air force, strategic missile force, northern Fleet and the Black Sea Fleet, which is taking part for the first time.It is reported that the Russian military will conduct large-scale nuclear exercises at the end of each year to test the reliability of nuclear weapons.But taking place early this year, and including the Black Sea Fleet deployed to the Crimean peninsula, is notably unusual.Western media believe that the current situation in Ukraine is increasingly tense, the Russian military’s move is obviously to show Ukraine and the United States its strong strategic deterrence capability.Cruise and ballistic missiles will also be fired by Russian missile units during the drill, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.After hearing this news, the Western media hyped up the tension between Russia and Ukraine.In fact, Russia’s large-scale military exercises are not to demonstrate against Ukraine, but to send a warning to the United States to stop fanning the flames.But it is clear that the United States will not easily give up inflaming the situation with Ukraine.In addition to the hype, Biden has once again predicted the date of the russia-Ukraine war.Biden reportedly said in a recent speech that he was sure Russia had decided to invade Ukraine and that war could break out in a matter of days or a week.This time, however, the reaction was muted, with everyone apparently well aware that Biden’s prediction was merely a way to stoke tensions.Mr. Biden had predicted that Russia would invade Ukraine on Feb. 16. Instead, Russia withdrew some of its troops the day before, punching the United States in the face.Now That Mr. Biden has made another prediction, the outcome will probably be the same.The bottom line is that Russia has no plans to invade Ukraine, so it has stood firm despite all the hype.Ukraine, on the other hand, has become very anxious because of the frequent hyping by the United States. When Biden predicted a war between Russia and Ukraine on February 16, a large number of Ukrainian oligarchs and politicians were reported to have flown out overnight with their families.Tensions are rising in Ukraine as elites flee overnight and the US continues to play up the exact date of the war.By February 17th Ukraine had finally been tempted to fire on the rebels in the east.According to Russian media reports at the time, Ukrainian government forces fired at four settlements of the luhansk People’s Republic five times in the early morning of the same day, and then the two sides began to exchange fire.Although the exchange of fire did not cause much damage, it made the situation in eastern Ukraine more unstable.According to media reports, from the day of February 18 to the early morning of February 19, there were 870 incidents of fire in eastern Ukraine in violation of the Minsk ceasefire agreement.The situation in eastern Ukraine has become more tense, so the “Luhansk People’s Republic” and “Donetsk People’s Republic” in eastern Ukraine announced recently that they will evacuate their people.People in eastern Ukraine have been evacuated since the night of The 18th, and by the early morning of the 19th, more than 25,000 people from the “Luhansk People’s Republic” have been evacuated, and they will be sent to Russia by bus.The Donetsk People’s Republic has announced plans to evacuate 700,000 people from Ukraine, with the elderly, women and children being the first to be evacuated.At the same time, President Putin announced a subsidy of 10,000 rubles per person from eastern Ukraine to Russia.A mass exodus would undoubtedly raise tensions further, but neither Russia nor Ukraine actually wants to go to war with the other.So right now Russia is still trying to find a diplomatic solution, but from the attitude of the United States, it seems that they are determined to foment a war in Europe, so how the situation develops in the future depends not only on the attitude of Russia and Ukraine, but also on the attitude of the United States.It is hoped that the US can consider the overall situation and stop hyping it, otherwise it will inevitably be hit back by Russia.