Luancheng District of Shijiazhuang held the launching of key projects in the first quarter of 2022

2022-05-10 0 By

Hebei News Network on February 12 (correspondent Zhi Suqian, Duan Kun) today, Shijiazhuang Luancheng District held the first quarter of 2022 key projects concentrated start activities, quickly set off a new upsurge of 22 key projects.LuanCheng district adhere to highlight the investment and project in the position, tree prison “project for the king, be born to, service first” philosophy, according to the domestic enterprise to do strongly does, foreign enterprise lead strong big ideas, vigorously implement the construction of key projects to mention mass effect action, vigorously promotes the target task to carry out the responsibility, strive to achieve new progress on the grasp on the investment project.The region’s GDP is expected to grow by 12%, fixed asset investment by 20%, regulated industrial added value by 10%, and total retail sales of consumer goods by 32.5% in the first quarter, all of which will make a good start to the first quarter.It is understood that this year, Luancheng District planning to implement a total investment of 24.13 billion yuan of provincial and urban key projects 80, among them, the implementation of 10.9 billion yuan of provincial and municipal key projects 18.Quarter of the area planning projects, 22, a total investment of 4.334 billion yuan, including investment of 800 million yuan of the whole area of distributed photovoltaic roof, investment of 1.3 billion yuan of police “province to new campus” and so on a number of provinces, key projects, covering strategic emerging industries, the traditional industry upgrade and agriculture industrialization, the livelihood of the people to fill short board, infrastructure and other fields.Next, LuanCheng area will be powered by the key project construction, to open in the construction, the sprint start, start the momentum of the final, namely, tree prison service enterprise and the construction of project “the bartender” consciousness, to strengthen the total factor, to promote the project starts early, early, early DaXiao, ensure the first on the powerful support to build a high quality development,Luancheng will contribute to the modernization and internationalization of the beautiful provincial capital city.