Is three years long enough?Google has announced the discontinuation of support for updates to the Google Pixel 3 series

2022-05-10 0 By

How long does a smartphone last?Different people have different opinions, some say a year, some say two or three years, and some people change their mobile phones every few months.But this problem is sometimes not only the user to decide, and mobile phone manufacturers also have a certain relationship.Google has stopped supporting updates to its Pixel 6 series, which is a signal to users that it’s time to switch phones.Although theoretically users can use it normally after that, the system will have more and more problems due to the loss of official update support, which may not only affect user experience, but also seriously threaten users’ personal privacy security. Therefore, replacing the machine is naturally the highest choice.So, apparently, Google has set a lifespan of three years for the Picel 3, which will be released in 2018.However, the move has also attracted some controversy.That’s because Google gave a five-year security update to the Google Pixel 6 series, released last year.Times have changed, but it’s a bit of a favouretism, leading to speculation that Google’s Pixel 6 series may be paving the way for sales, and the motives are questionable.In contrast, Apple has done a better job in this area. On the one hand, the iPhone 6s six years ago can be upgraded to the latest version of iOS 15, on the other hand, it still does not support the upgrade of iOS 15 for earlier products, although the system update is stopped, but has more leeway.