China Life Insurance: digital reconstruction of speed and temperature claims service

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Zhuzhou News On January 27 (correspondent Wang Qiuhua) in recent years, the Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, block chain, 5G network and other digital technology to accelerate innovation, increasingly into the whole process of economic and social development in all fields.Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee has attached great importance to the development of the digital economy, making it a national strategy. It has promoted the implementation of the Strategy of developing China through cyberspace and the National Big data Strategy, expanded the space of the cyber economy, promoted the integrated development of the Internet with economic and social development, and supported various internet-based innovations.In the insurance industry, the effect of digital transformation reflects the core competitiveness of insurance companies.In the past two years, affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, information technology support capacity has become an important indicator to test whether an insurance company can develop steadily.It can be said that online is the most basic and primary stage of digital transformation.According to the estimates of professional consulting institutions, the technology investment of Insurance institutions in China has exceeded 43 billion yuan in 2021, and the proportion of digitalization will be more than 40% in the next three years, with an annual growth rate of more than 20%.Under the strategic deployment of “National longevity through science and technology”, In recent years, China Life Insurance Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) has carried out a series of innovative practices with national longevity characteristics centering on the two fundamentals of good use of data and active technology.The company continuously strengthens the theoretical research on the development of digital economy, promotes the deep integration of digital technology and insurance claims service, and enables the transformation and upgrading of traditional service mode.Intelligent claim settlement: the use of digitalization, networking and intelligence to reshape the speed of claim settlement service in the new era, the public insurance awareness is increasing, claim settlement service as a customer attaches great importance to one of the links, but also more and more attention from the society.As the digitalization of insurance industry continues to deepen, Chinese life insurance companies further expand the application of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies in claims settlement, and comprehensively reshape the efficient claims settlement system.The new intelligent claim settlement service mode realizes the intelligent operation of medical liability claim cases. With the powerful intelligent adjustment engine, China Life Insurance Company effectively improves the efficiency of claim settlement and provides customers with fast claim settlement service.In the front end of claim case acceptance, the intelligent OCR technology is embedded in the mobile claim settlement end to realize the functions of image correction, definition recognition and type recognition, and the intelligent audit of image data can effectively reduce the number of cases returned, improve the quality of report reporting, significantly improve the sense of customer experience, and greatly improve the work efficiency of business processing personnel.At the back end of claim case processing, automatic identification of insurance liability, automatic adjustment of insurance premium and automatic allocation of amount can be realized through “special claim liability setting + basic medical database + customer medical detail information”, without the participation of claim settlement personnel.The Internet, big data and artificial intelligence are deeply integrated with insurance claim settlement, and the reshaped intelligent claim settlement system provides customers with extreme claim settlement experience.The annual report of Claims settlement service of China Life Insurance Company shows that in 2021, the company handled more than 13.9 million claims cases intelligently, up 23% year on year, and intelligent operations accounted for more than 70%.The time limit for small claims was raised to 0.13 days, and some cases were paid in seconds.Claims direct pay: big data and application scenario effective fusion, reshape the intelligent temperature claims service in the implementation of claims, on the basis of China life insurance company to change the original customer come to claim the traditional model of after be or get out of danger, the depth of focus “medical insurance + + Internet” scenario, the massive medical data and customer scenario, go to a doctor claims direct pay service.By promoting social security, hospitals, and third-party data straight league, realize customer remote intelligent identification, medical information online, and through the intelligent remote rapid adjustment and pay, providing customers with “free, free to apply for, free information, free LinGui, no waiting for” the “five no” services, customers do not need to apply to the company for reparations.In some regions, one-stop direct payment service has been opened, which allows customers to settle claims and directly deduct medical expenses when they leave the hospital, effectively easing the pressure of medical expenses for customers.In view of the actual situation of some economically backward areas, Chinese life insurance companies give full play to the main role of insurance poverty alleviation through direct claim settlement service.Of poverty alleviation in ningxia insurance implementation of the autonomous region government “not to meet, at once, at most, only run on a” health claims for poverty alleviation service mode, realized the hospital namely settlement insurance gold, medical treatment of direct deduction, broke through the social security in terms of technology and business communication barriers, make full use of digital technology for customer service of amplification, superposition, the multiplier effect,Effectively alleviate the pressure of customer medical expenses, and effectively achieve timely help.The client, Mr. Li, is a registered poor family. In 2019, he was insured by the Poverty Alleviation Office of China Life Insurance Company for the group medical insurance of national life insurance plus poverty alleviation insurance for hospital expenses compensation.In 2020, Mr. Li was hospitalized for heart disease. When Mr. Li was discharged from the hospital, the hospital settled the medical expenses of more than 30,000 yuan.”It’s so convenient to leave the hospital without going to the insurance company.”Mr. Li said excitedly.By fully integrating massive medical data with customers’ medical treatment scenarios, China Life Insurance Company’s reshaped service model brings warm service experience to customers.The company’s claims service annual report shows that in 2021, the direct payment service exceeded 6 million people, covering more than 200 cities, and the compensation amount was 4.2 billion yuan, up 17% year on year.Digital economy is related to the overall development of the country, and claims service is one of the most important touch points for insurance consumers to perceive insurance company services, the importance of both is self-evident.China Life Insurance Company has fully integrated the development design of digital economy with claims service, and launched intelligent claims and direct payment service models. It is not only embracing the era of science and technology and following the trend, but also a solution to the phenomenon of “difficult claims” and “slow claims” in the market.”Through practice, we deeply feel that data is the core foundation of enterprise innovation, and technology is an important means of innovation. Open, simple, flexible and clear technology can give greater play to the value of data, promote enterprises to create new business models, serve the overall situation of the country and benefit the people.”China Life insurance company said.In the future, the company will continue to uphold the service concept of “honesty and trustworthiness, customer first”, and use the new Internet technology to reshape the traditional service mode in an all-round way, the whole chain, to provide customers with faster and warmer claims service, and give full play to the insurance protection function.