Several pharmaceutical companies sold (list attached)

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Source | the blue parker (unauthorized, prohibited reproduced) edit | color 01 to sell assets to improve performance ended in January 2022, drug firms action still frequently at home and abroad.Industry reshuffle continues to intensify, drug companies have to sell assets “shelter”.Recently, Shapu Ai Si Pharmaceutical issued the “Announcement on the progress of publicly listed transfer of 100% equity of wholly-owned subsidiary and completion of industrial and commercial change registration”, subsidiary Qiangshen Pharmaceutical (Jilin) was sold to Yue Medicine according to the listing price of 82 million yuan.Qiangshen Pharmaceutical is the former real controller of Shapuesi in 2015 through non-public acquisition, the enterprise is mainly engaged in the production of Chinese patent medicine, the main products are sizi fill essence capsule and compound mountain rhodiola oral liquid, etc..Shapuis previously acquired 100% equity of Qiangshen Pharmaceutical with 346 million yuan. Meanwhile, shapuis also put into operation and constructed TCM extraction and production workshop, warehouse project and liquor production workshop project for Qiangshen Pharmaceutical, totaling 480 million yuan.Forgenics, the mega-acquisition, did not pay a performance dividend.From 2016 to 2018, Qiangshen Achieved net profit of 1.2539 million yuan, 10.2842 million yuan and -802.31 million yuan respectively.”The sale of 100% of Qiangshen pharmaceutical will help revitalize the existing assets, improve the efficiency of the use of assets, and enhance the ability of sustainable development,” Shapuis said.This transaction will help reduce the listing losses in the future and will have a positive impact on its future financial position.It can be said that the sale of assets is to get rid of the “loss burden”, is also an important choice under pressure performance.The 2020 performance report shows that the net profit attributable to shareholders of shapuis turned from surplus to loss, with a loss of about 179 million yuan, compared with about 7.86 million yuan in the same period last year;Revenue was about 358 million yuan, down 30.57 percent year on year.Many pharmaceutical companies have made a series of moves, such as asset sales or self-rescue, while for others, asset sales could help them enter new areas.January 23, Beida pharmaceutical announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Beida biomedical technology (Zhejiang) proposed to invest 76 million yuan to be transferred to Ningbo Kaiming Investment management partnership (limited partnership) held by Zhejiang Shimai Pharmaceutical 628,772 million yuan investment amount.Public information shows that Shimai pharmaceutical is an innovative enterprise in the research and development of targeted antibody drugs for malignant tumors and autoimmune diseases.Beida pharmaceutical said, through the transfer of equity, will be conducive to its layout in the field of antibody drugs.In addition, January also saw a number of drug companies selling assets, such as:Hefei Cubic Pharmaceutical January 25, Hefei Cubic pharmaceutical issued a statement on the transfer of part of the equity of the company, agreed to 3.0988 million yuan to hold minowei 4.9383% of the equity transfer to Pingtan Wenzhou Ruiji investment partnership (limited partnership) and Pingtan Fan-Run enterprise management partnership (limited partnership).Zhejiang Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. announced on January 18 that it intends to publicly transfer the 61.2% equity of its holding subsidiary Haisheng Pharmaceutical co., LTD.The shaoxing branch of The Bank of Ningbo (BOBO) plans to transfer its 39,000,000 shares (7.27% of the company’s total share capital) to Ningbo Fubang Holding Group, the largest shareholder of the company, for a total transfer price of 203.19 million yuan, the company announced on January 12.Hainan Shuangcheng Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. (HEREINAFTER referred to as Hainan Shuangcheng Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.) announced on January 7 that it agreed that its holding subsidiary ningbo Shuangcheng Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. (HEREINAFTER referred to as Ningbo Shuangcheng Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.) intends to grant to Baishan Pharmaceutical co., LTD. (Huzhou) for RMB6 million the rights to possess specific intellectual property rights and production technology related to Mementine hydrochloride tablets (5mg and 10mg) in the specified territory.It is undeniable that pharmaceutical companies can sell specific intellectual or technological property rights in addition to equity to gain new development opportunities.At present, many pharmaceutical companies in the market are actively distributing their own industries, giving play to their advantages through sales or acquisitions, stripping non-core assets or entering new fields.In addition, the change of pharmaceutical enterprises is also inseparable from the influence of various policies in the pharmaceutical industry. With the promotion of policies such as quantitative procurement, consistency evaluation and DRG, pharmaceutical enterprises have to develop in many aspects in the face of changes in the external environment.In general, under the trend of increasing competition in the pharmaceutical market, it is expected that pharmaceutical companies would sell assets and cooperate with each other to occupy a place in the market.- Comments, more views –