The all-new Ford Roadster will debut on March 1st!Same platform with Ranger, domestic or synchronous replacement

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Recently, I learned from official channels that the new Ford Everest (overseas: Ford Everest) will make its official debut on March 1, 2022.It is understood that the new car is built on the same platform as the Ford Ranger, and the wheelbase is increased by 50mm compared with the latter. It is expected that the rear row space is more outstanding, and in terms of power, it is expected to provide a variety of diesel and gasoline power options.It is worth mentioning that at present, the domestic sales of a generation of Jiangling Ford shake road has come to the end of the product career, so with the emergence of overseas versions, it is expected that the domestic will also usher in the replacement.Combined with the relevant trailer, the new Ford Shake the road with the latest design language to build, the overall looks very muscular.The front part has a large air intake grille, and the interior is embellished with silver decorative elements, while the brand Logo in the middle is connected by horizontal decorative strips.In addition, the shape of the new headlights is very distinctive. When lit, it can present a C-shaped shape, which is highly recognizable.As for the front surrounding area, the three-section layout is adopted. The front lip part is wrapped by the sturdy decorative plate, which gives a strong sense of strength.On the side, the new car has the body structure of a traditional SUV, with chrome strips on the edges of the Windows.In addition, the new Roadshaker will also be equipped with fixed pedals for easy access.Details of the body are not yet available, but it is expected to adopt the rugged design common in American cars.In the rear part, the new car will be equipped with smoked L-shaped taillights, which are connected by black decorative panels in the middle to create a penetrating visual effect.After the surrounding design is more conventional, and the use of hidden exhaust layout, the sense of force and no exposed exhaust pipe come directly.And according to the spy that exposes before, brand-new ford shakes the interior of person of road shows tradition and rough slightly.The new car has a heavy center console and a three-panel multi-functional steering wheel;The popular levitating central control screen does not appear on it, and the size of the entire screen is not large, and there are many physical buttons and knobs around the edges, so intelligence is not expected to be the main selling point of the new car.In terms of power, the new Ford Roadster is expected to have a 2.0-ton gasoline and 3.0-ton V6 diesel engine with a drivetrain that could match either a 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmission, as well as all-wheel-drive.The off-road capabilities of the new car and the Ford Ranger are expected to surprise as they are built on platforms.Summary: The current generation of Shanlu was first made by Jiangling Ford in 2015 and launched on the market. It is positioned as a medium-sized SUV.After years of war, the car’s presence in the domestic market is low.According to the passenger association, the sales volume of Jiangling Ford Roadster in January 2022 was only 119 units.Now, the new Ford Shake road finally ushered in the appearance of overseas, which also let the domestic version to see the replacement of hope.For ford brand love and off-road consumers, the new shake road is undoubtedly a model worth looking forward to.The author will continue to pay attention to more information about the new car.