Eresan connects buses, covering more than 3,000 people

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“Used to walk two hours, now 20 minutes or so to iron and steel market!””It used to be expensive and risky to send children to school, but now we don’t have to worry about the children’s way to school.”…January 26, Meishan Tianfu New Area as high street er ‘e community residents talking about er ‘e community – As high bus station (T507 road) opened to bring changes, have been talking.Two e community is located in the east of the high street, the highest altitude of 838 meters, 14 kilometers from the nearest steel business circle, involving more than 3000 people in three communities, the vast majority of the elderly will not drive, rugged mountain roads, distant distance, has become the most convenient for the masses to travel, enhance the happiness of the masses of the biggest resistance.Learned two asan villagers travel woes, the new authorities promptly implement solutions to relevant issues – for I mountains traffic routes, residents’ housing distribution situation, people travel will complete coverage of field research, exploration, contains housing 882, residents point 8, involved with 12 kilometers of road, do the base number, Ming, qingLay the foundation for reasonable layout of bus station.In view of factors such as disrepair of mountain roads and geological disasters, we will clean up and rectify all mountain roads in accordance with the principle of putting people’s safety first.Up to now, nine damaged roads have been repaired, eight hidden geological hazards have been remedied, nine roadblocks have been cleared, and 13 traffic warning signs have been set up to smooth road obstacles and ensure public safety.According to housing distribution and road traffic conditions, the layout of public transportation was optimized to ensure people’s travel to the maximum extent. Eight new stations were set up to cover more than 3,000 people, effectively solving the “last kilometer” of travel difficulties for people.At the same time, mobilize cadres widely household publicity, so that the masses timely understand the bus line, platform information and traffic safety knowledge, and strive to make the mountain bus become a beautiful scenery line.After everyone’s joint efforts, the T507 road leading to Erasan was successfully opened in just one week.On the same day, hearing the good news, dozens of community residents gathered together, beating drums and gongs to celebrate.”The bus to the door, can not ride a motorcycle to work, low-carbon travel, safety!Convenient!Comfortable!”Li Jie said happily in the community to go to work in the high street.”Had the bus, later can take the bus to walk two eshan outside to sell fruit, not afraid of sun and rain, go where all convenient!”Community resident Wang Cuirong also shared the good news with her migrant relatives by phone.In order to improve the community bus network of Shigao Street in Meishan Tianfu New District, improve the coverage of buses and facilitate the travel of citizens along the road, a community bus line will be opened from January 26, 2022, according to the Public transport company of Meishan City on January 25, 2022.The details are as follows: 1. Bus T507.Second, the first and last stations.As high bus station – Er ‘e community, the whole route is about 18 kilometers.Iii. Receiving and receiving shift time.Visual height bus station (6:20/9:00/16:00/18:00);Er ‘e Community (7:00/10:30/17:00/19:00), later will be based on passenger flow demand additional shifts.Iv. Stops.The whole journey a total of 16 stations, respectively: as high bus station – ring sky as high avenue intersection (single) – Jincheng station – Zhaizi Street mouth – Old Jun community – happy new village – garden community – tablet – Clear water Villa – Xiangyang bridge – Gaoshi ladder – will – oil top station – Two E community neighborhood committee – Honghu station – two e community.Five, bus fares.2 yuan/person-time for the whole journey, 2 yuan/person-time for air conditioning in summer.Citizens friends, quickly to ride experience!Bus service hotline: Meishan 028-38224456;Depending on the high 028-35035502.Editor in charge: Zhao Dian