Foreign media: Putin bitterly criticized NATO’s commitment not to expand to the east “fooled” Russia

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Moscow, February 3 (Xinhua) — Russian President Vladimir Putin said on February 1 that NATO had “cheated” Russia of its commitment not to expand to the east.”I would like to explain once again the logic of our actions and our proposal: as we all know, [NATO] promised us…Not even an inch to the east.””Today we look at where NATO has expanded: Poland, Romania, the three Baltic states,” he said.They say one thing, they do another.As people in my country say, [we] have been ‘fooled’ and taken in.”Putin said the United States withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty after NATO expanded eastward.”We have long advised [the US] not to do this,” he said.This is one of the fundamental treaties guaranteeing world security.But the US did what it wanted to do and pulled out.[The U.S.] has deployed anti-missile launchers in Romania and is deploying them in Poland.”According to TASS Moscow on February 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference after meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on February 1 that the United States and NATO ignored a number of points of principle in Russia’s security guarantee proposal, but Russia hopes to continue dialogue and reach an agreement.Putin said the Russian authorities are continuing to analyze the answers given by the United States and NATO on Russia’s proposal.”But it is now clear that Russia’s concerns about principles have been ignored,” he said.We found that [the US and NATO] did not give proper consideration to our three key demands.”The Russian president said the three demands included no expansion of NATO, no deployment of offensive weapons systems near Russia’s borders and restoring Military infrastructure in Europe to its 1997 state.Mr. Putin said Russia wanted to continue dialogue.”I hope we will eventually find a solution to this [problem],” he said.Of course, it’s not easy, and we know that very well.I do not intend to conclude today that it will be achieved.”Mr Orban said it was entirely possible to sign an agreement that “guarantees peace and security to Russia and is acceptable to all [NATO] members”.He is reported to have stressed that no leader in the EU wants conflict with Russia.During his visit to Moscow, Mr Orban made a series of proposals for bilateral co-operation, almost all of which received positive responses from the Russian side.In addition, According to a report on the website of Der Spiegel on February 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of ignoring Russia’s security interests.”It is now clear that Russia’s basic concerns have been ignored,” he said.After meeting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Moscow On Tuesday, Mr. Putin complained that the West was not taking into account Europe’s principle of ‘indivisibility of security.’Putin repeated his warning that one country should not safeguard its security at the expense of another, the report said.Putin continued: “I have the impression that the United States does not care much about Ukraine’s security and that its main task is to contain Russia’s development.Ukraine is only an instrument to that end.This can be done in a variety of ways, including by involving Russia in armed conflict.””My visit is aimed at promoting peace,” Orban was quoted as saying after the nearly five-hour meeting.He warned of a possible new cold war.Moscow, Feb. 1 (Interfax news Agency) — Russian President Vladimir Putin said On Feb. 1 that Ukraine’s entry into NATO could lead to a military conflict between Russia and NATO over Crimea.”It is written in Ukraine’s (official) documents that the country is ready to take back Crimea by military and other means,” Putin told a news conference after meeting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.This is not what Ukrainian officials say in public. This is what is written on documents.””We can imagine Ukraine as a member of NATO,” Putin added.It got a lot of weapons, modernized attack systems like Poland and Romania, and then began to operate in Crimea.Especially in Donbass.””Imagine Ukraine becoming a NATO country and launching these military operations,” he said.What do we do?War with NATO?”