The winter Olympic team doctor has practiced skiing hard for 4 years, and suddenly can arrive in 2 minutes!Net friend: you are also heroes

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The men’s freestyle skiing slalom of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games kicked off at The Genting Ski Park in Zhangjiakou on Sunday.Freestyle slalom is the most dangerous winter sport, with 33.8 percent of athletes missing training and competition due to injuries each season.Wang Fang, the doctor of the freestyle ski slalom chase, is guarding the athletes of all countries on the track of the Winter Olympic Games.The doctor practiced skiing hard for 4 years for the Winter Olympics only to arrive at Wang Fang in 2 minutes if there was an emergency. He is a doctor of the Medical Sports Department of the Third People’s Hospital of Henan Province. In 2018, he was selected to join the National Training Team and served as the team doctor of ice events.Freestyle slalom, known as “the brave man’s game,” is A category A course in which athletes can reach speeds of more than 90 kilometers per hour.As a team doctor, skiing is an essential skill.If there is an emergency during training or competition, the athletes must be at their side as soon as possible.In order to prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympics, Wang Fang, 32 years old at that time, took his own skateboard and protective equipment to practice skiing skills, and set foot on the ski resort for the first time. This training took four years.Just on the ski resort, Wang Fang felt very fun, and then after a few falls, just feel very dangerous.Once, wang Fang had just arrived at the top of the mountain for training on the advanced track, when the weather suddenly changed. The snowstorm led to poor vision, and Wang Fang fell down several times from the track, but fortunately it was only a soft tissue sprain.Overcoming his fear, Wang skied for three to five hours.From constantly wrestling at the beginning, to now she can slide skillfully from a professional slide, seemingly breaking the limit and passionate. Few people know how many times she has fallen and rolled in the past four years.But the King did it!As long as the athlete in the track training and competition during the emergency situation, he can quickly arrive within 2-3 minutes, accurate assessment, on-site medical treatment.It is not only a responsibility but also a mission to protect athletes: “I am moved by their intrepent fighting spirit.” Different from ordinary people skiing, the first-aid backpack is the necessary equipment wang carries at any time and anywhere.In the backpack, neck brace, splint, waist guard, knee guard, medical emergency supplies are all available.During the competition, Wang Fang was always ready at the starting platform. Once there was something unexpected, he would arrive at the first time.Wang fang has also trained for halfpipe, freestyle skiing and big jump, etc. She has also had contact with Gu Ailing and other athletes.In the four years of preparation for the Winter Olympics, the athletes’ hard work, perseverance, wang Fang saw in the eyes.For Wang, it is both a responsibility and a mission to protect the athletes. “I am moved by their indomitable fighting spirit,” wang said.Standing on the track, he is a soldier, can only go forward, light injury is not in the line of fire, I have the obligation, the responsibility to help the athletes let them stand on a higher podium.I want to give all my energy and time to the team.”Wang fang has been away from his family for three Spring Festivals.When he left Zhengzhou to follow the team, his child was only 5 months old.He missed his daughter’s first name, first walk, first day of kindergarten…But he believed that the child would be proud of his occupation!Wang fang said that after the competition, he will teach her to ski hand in hand and cultivate her interest in ice and snow sports from an early age. “I hope that she will love this project, take Gu Ailing as an example, turn the impossible into possible, and break through herself.”Netizens praised the doctors, saying, Thank you for your efforts. You are also heroes.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If the source of this article is wrong or violates your legitimate rights and interests, please contact us by email. We will deal with it promptly.Email address: