Today, hefei metro last bus time adjustment!

2022-05-05 0 By

As you are about to embark on your return trip, do you want to know the operation and service hours of Hefei rail transit?The reporter learned from hefei rail Group that the last bus time of hefei metro has been adjusted today.The last bus from Hefei Railway Station to Jiulianxu Station of Line 1 leaves at 23:50.(Attention: the last train to Jiulianwei Station from Hefei Railway Station stops at Luogang Station, Gaowang Station, Jindoupark Station and Bingzipu Station.)The last train from Jiulianwei Station to Hefei Railway Station departs at 23:00.The last bus from Nangang Station of Line 2 to Sanbu Station is at 22:55;The last train from SAN Bu station to Nangang station is 23:00.The last bus from Xingfu Ba Station to Xiangcheng Road station of Line 3 is at 22:25;The last bus from Xiangcheng Road station to Xingfu Ba station is at 22:25.The last bus from The Comprehensive Protection Zone station of Line 4 to Qinglonggang Station is at 22:30;The last bus from Hefei South Railway Station to Qinglonggang Station leaves at 23:55;The last bus from Hefei South Railway Station to comprehensive protection Zone departs at 23:55;The last train from Qinglonggang station to comprehensive protection Zone is at 22:30.The last bus from Wanghucheng West Station to Guiyang Road Station in the south section of Line 5 is at 22:20;The last train from Guiyang Road station to Wanghu City West Station is at 22:20.When taking the subway, please wear masks and observe the epidemic prevention regulations. If you need help, please contact our station staff or call hefei Railway Supervision service hotline 055162076666., end, source: hefei daily text: all media reporters Wang Junchao photo source: hefei rail transit review | Ma Nana coordinating editor | li-juan hou edit | WeiShu