After the arrears overdue, the third party collection how to do?

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Analyze the essence of the problem from the standpoint of humanity, and give yourself a choice based on the experience of successful people.Overdue debts will be subject to third party collection.Many people don’t know how to deal with it, which can be said to be unbearable. Many fans will also ask me these questions. Here, I suggest that you treat it rationally and make correct repayment as soon as possible, which is the necessary foundation for returning to normal life.I put some of the most common collection situation with you to analyze again, I hope to help you, think useful remember to pay attention to collection forwarding.There are a variety of ways to collect, all kinds of situations, but not all of them are credible, learn to distinguish.Here based on the common cases are roughly divided into the following types: First: the phone call from the virtual number cannot be trusted.Careful point of friends will find that those who explode the address book phone threats and threats are virtual numbers, back to the past are basically inaccessible.They use dummy numbers, so they don’t give you proof of your complaint.If it starts with 400, or if it starts with the bank’s official number 9, you have to answer it, it’s official collection, it’s official.The second type: 1068, 1069 or 1751, these two words with unsubscribe message should not be believed, these must be sent by the collection, so do not trust.The third kind: again reimbursement is about to go to the door, already on the way, be about to arrive immediately, false words say more true more do not believe.The fourth kind: first reimbursement we negotiate again, or it is first return this period, next period again do reduce, these words all do not believe.Because you return the money that go in basically all offset interest, liquidated damages, return go in namely throw water away.The fifth kind: want to report to the police file a case, go to your home collect evidence.We must remember that police stations and public security organs are not run by their families, so we must not believe such words.The purpose is also to scare you repayment, formal door-to-door investigation I have said before the article, did not read can go to the previous article.The sixth kind: tell you maliciously default is to be imprisoned, say what to Sue so that your child can not go to school, can not enter the university, can not be a soldier, can not enter the civil service, etc., these words are all false.After the deadline will affect personal credit, bad credit will affect your personal second credit, they said those consequences will appear, I am very clear to tell you: there will be.But that’s what happens when you Sue and still refuse to pay and become a deadbeat, and no one wants to be a deadbeat, unless you want to be a deadbeat, so forget it.There are also some letters to send you lawyers, reminders, notices, these letters are not real, even if the real lawyers sent letters have no legal effect, don’t believe it.What is true?If it is true that you are sued, the platform will directly entrust a lawyer to file a lawsuit with the court, and the court will notify you with 12368 SMS or phone call, which is true.The purpose of this article is to hope that you can distinguish true and false eyes, I am not telling you to ignore or what, or the same sentence, rational treatment, know what can be trusted and what can not be trusted, special circumstances to special treatment, the final purpose is to repay, temporarily can not pay the need to negotiate repayment to deal with.Whether credit cards or online loans, most payments can be negotiated.Don’t procrastinate. Procrastination doesn’t hurt others, it just makes it harder and harder for you. Every day you procrastinate means a day farther away from the day you will go ashore.Stopping debt growth and paying it back later is always the right way to pay it back.I am xiao Qi, help ten thousand debt quickly ashore, more debt problems welcome to add V: WPS1872 exchange with each other, have questions to answer.Thanks for reading!