Uni-v is the ultimate pleasure, leading the way

2022-05-04 0 By

NIV has been opened for pre-sale, and the pre-order price of the top-equipped smart pilot model is 134,900 yuan, which is quite sincere.As the first saloon in the UNI series, the new car will focus on the four-door coupe market.In terms of appearance, the new car adopts the sports coupe style, adopts the slip back design, and presents a striking low posture, full of combat atmosphere.Body size, length, width and height are 4680/1838/1430mm, wheelbase is 2750mm, the wheelbase is good, but because of the coupe, the rear head space may not be too abundant.The changan Uni-V is also equipped with an electric lift tail, which can automatically rise and fall with speed when driving, or can be manually controlled by physical buttons. When opened, it provides 25kg of downforce, which increases vehicle stability while driving and further reduces fuel consumption.If you’re looking to buy a car, consider it.If you want to get more discounts of Changan UNI-V, or to know more quotations of Changan models, please call me directly or leave your phone number, I will call you back in 60 minutes.(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)