CCTV Year of the Tiger Spring Festival Gala hunan elements

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Changsha Evening News Palm On January 31, changsha (all media reporter Yin Wei) 31 evening, the high-profile China Media Group “2022 Spring Festival Gala” will officially meet with the general audience.This year’s Spring Festival Gala has completed all the arrangements, and all the preparations are ready for the live broadcast of the New Year’s Eve. On the eve of the New Year’s Eve, we will provide a thriving and exquisite cultural feast for the global audience.Bend force rendering hasliked annual festive atmosphere of the spring in the new journey of winter jasmine, years of China’s ode to joy “as purpose, around the founding in one hundred, rural revitalization, and ecological civilization, the games event, China’s space and other major theme, on the program selection, content creation and expression are taking into full consideration the needs of different age groups of audience.The three generations of literary and art workers gathered at the studio to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new, stay up for the New Year and honor the good fortune together with the people of the whole country, making every effort to present the festive atmosphere of celebrating the New Year with joy.Song and dance programs have rich themes, beautiful melodies, deep emotions and lively jubilation.Language shows take root in people’s lives, focus on people’s livelihood, and show family ties and friendship.While creating a large number of fresh figures such as medical staff and entrepreneurs of the new era who stick to their posts, it also brings laughter to the audience and brings the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.On this year’s stage, the fusion and innovation programs combining the excellent traditional Chinese culture and the aesthetic pursuit of The Times are dazzling. Traditional culture here is full of vitality in the new era.The deep integration of technology and art is also a highlight of this year’s gala.The 720-degree dome space created by LED screens for the first time, together with the application of AR, XR and other technologies, forms an immersive, borderless three-dimensional stage environment, and 8K ultra HD channel live broadcast, which will bring audiences a brand new audio-visual experience.Golden Tiger New Year, enjoy the New Year.On The eve of January 31, the 2022 Spring Festival Gala will ring in the New Year together with the rest of the Chinese people and usher in a happy year of prosperity and progress with each passing day.There are many Hunan elements in the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger. Compared with the singing in previous years, hunan elements are more widely distributed this year, involving many art categories.Yi Yangqianxi, the old man of Huaihua And the alumnus of Meixi Lake Middle School affiliated to Normal University, has been performing in the Spring Festival Gala for seven consecutive years since 2016, and the whole nation has witnessed his growth.This year, Jackson Yi will collaborate with Deng Chao and Li Yuchun to sing the song sense of The Times.Chang De sister, once the star sister Yinger play her drama expertise, and Sun Tao, Wang Lei, direction, Wang Yixuan cooperation to bring the sketch “Father and son”.Changsha magician Deng Nanzi will bring the Spring Festival gala only magic program “Spring Na Fu”.It is worth mentioning, because once the TV work experiences, deng man about how to face the television cameras show magic has a result, in 2015 he works with TV show “the magic lantern” won the international magicians society “merlin award” issued by the magic world’s top awards, believe that he will also have excellent performance on the stage.Zhou Geteliga, a Mongolian entrepreneur based in Changsha, will bring the short martial arts drama “Breast Tiger Screams Spring”.In 2018, Zhou Geteliga founded hunan’s first professional modern dance troupe, The Mid-Mountain Dancers, under the Peach Blossom Ridge in Changsha, which also attracted many like-minded friends from all over the country to come to Changsha Dahexi, making hunan dance troupe a brand in the field of modern dance in China.This Spring Festival Gala, Zhou Geteliga will cooperate with the children of Henan Tagou Martial Arts School to promote Chinese martial arts.Changsha-born soprano Zhang Ye continued her collaboration with her old partner Lu Jihong this year, singing “Our Time”.Another changsha-born soprano, Li Guyi, continues to present unforgettable Tonight as her finale this year.