Sixian county: highlight the “three grasps” to accelerate the standardization of grassroots construction level

2022-05-03 0 By

Si county in recent years, the judicial administrative system adhere to the service concept, for the people in communities in judicial offices standardization construction, promoting the construction of judicial offices solid file upgrade work, improving judicial offices in accordance with the law takes office, service, service development and serve the masses at the grass-roots level of ability level, to meet the people and various personalized legal services in the field of demand.Pay special attention to the fund guarantee at the grass-roots level, strive for the fund support of the county party committee and the county government, increase the human, financial and material resources to the grass-roots level, especially increase the fund investment of the grass-roots institute with weak infrastructure and gradually improve the standard construction level.Adhere to the principle of ensuring personnel funds from the best, according to the actual arrangement of business funds, to ensure that the department of Justice staff salaries, allowances timely approval, full payment, to ensure that the office funds in time, effectively solve the worries of the department of Justice.Attach great importance to the guarantee of basic hardware facilities, according to the requirements of the “Anhui Province to implement the construction of the judicial institute file upgrade three-year action plan”, unify the external image and indoor Settings of the judicial institute, update the door, signs and signs, comprehensively improve the serious and standardized social image of the judicial institute.The judicial offices are equipped with printmaking machines, law enforcement recorders, mobile phone terminals and other equipment, including suggestion boxes, legal books corner, legal aid propaganda posters and so on.Do a good job in the work of the department of justice in accordance with scientific, reasonable, feasible, complete standards, establish and improve the department of justice rules and regulations.Improve the information reporting system, through daily, weekly and other forms, timely report the work of the Department of Justice and major conflicts and disputes, the first time to report, transfer, transfer important stability information;Perfect the public publicity system, unify the judicial functions, work discipline, staff, procedures and complaints on the wall, strengthen the supervision of the masses, strictly according to the system management;Strictly enforce the implementation, strengthen the awareness of compliance with rules and discipline of all personnel, strive to ensure the smooth flow of political orders, orders and prohibitions, effectively improve the ability of the judicial administrative team to perform their duties, and ensure the efficient operation of the business and daily work of the judicial institute.(Linlin Wu and Xiaohe Chen)