How to enter at the end of the main warehouse, waiting for the sedan chair?These three features cannot be ignored

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How to judge the main warehouse has entered the end?Today to teach you a move, in line with the three characteristics of grain tickets, we must pay more attention to 1 put a very small amount of grain tickets can pull out of Changyang or sealing limit, which shows that the main force with very little money can easily seal plate, the ability to control the plate, chip collection work is close to the end.2 the stock ignored the market, out of the independent trend.Market up it does not rise, market down it does not fall.This usually indicates that most of the money has already fallen into the main hands.Bad blow, the stock price did not fall but rose.The fall quickly recovered its original price.This shows that the sudden bad, let the main unprepared, retail investors can run but it is not good, so you can see the day a lot of selling but more, the main fear of retail investors to pick up cheap chips will quickly valley price back to the original level.Remember to read the above three points several times, combined with the practice of case study.