Guo Moruo married three wives, two widowed and one committed suicide. Lu Xun criticized: a talented man and a rascally

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There is an old saying, “The country is unlucky, the poet is lucky.” Many times, it is in the fall of the country, the literary field will shine.It is a time when people are born in turbulent times, when ideas converge most intensely, and when ideas collide between literati, brilliant sparks will bloom. Such a period is common in Chinese history, and modern China is just such an era with many disasters.In modern China, especially in the period of the New Culture Movement, the famous writers of our country often exchange ideas and publicize their own views in newspapers and periodicals, which often leads to friction.Lu Xun and Guo Moruo are two typical figures.Both of them were very famous leaders in modern Chinese literary circles, and they were both progressives who had studied abroad. Their fate and experience had many things in common, and logically, they should be like-minded.However, it was just because they had many similarities in their experiences that they made completely different choices that lu Xun and Guo Moruo often disagreed with each other and even laughed at each other, leaving many strange stories.At that time, China was in a period of convergence of old and new ideas. After learning advanced ideas, many progressive young people, such as Lu Xun and Guo Moruo, were incompatible with their feudal families.On the eve of studying abroad, Guo Moruo was suddenly informed that his family had married a wife for him, a marriage he knew nothing about.Progressive youth who advocate freedom of love certainly cannot accept such a feudal marriage, what’s more, his wife runs counter to him and has no common language.Perhaps it was because he could not accept such a marriage that Guo Moruo never regarded her as his wife when he was studying in Japan.And in Japan, he also met his own love.Like him, the girl was a victim of feudal marriage and went to Tokyo alone in order to escape the marriage her family had prepared for her.They shared the same vision and soon got together. Their marriage lasted more than 20 years, but it didn’t end well.During his stay in Japan, Guo Moruo met and married tomiko Sato, an aristocratic woman.After returning to China, I got to know Yu Liqun, a Chinese journalist from Shanghai.As they were Both Chinese, they naturally felt close to each other. Moreover, such a great writer as Guo Moruo was naturally worshipped by young girls, and the relationship between them gradually became ambiguous.Unfortunately, guo Moruo is obviously not as great as he is in literature.Guo Moruo and his Japanese wife this great writer’s life, lace feelings never stop this little bit.His emotional cheating men who play with women’s affections have done so many things that we all hate them.In this age of collision between old and new ideas, there are many men who have behaved in a way that is now no different from cheating and playing with women’s feelings, but Guo Moruo’s behavior of abandoning her pregnant lover and asking him to abort the child is still despised.Mr Lu Xun apparently disdained Guo Moruo’s private life.After learning of his affairs, Lu Xun directly satirized him for his lack of sense of responsibility and love of the new.The article appeared in the newspapers and periodicals of the time, hitting Guo Moruo hard in the face.It was clear to all that Lu Xun’s style of writing was pungent. Guo Moruo also felt humiliated by his direct blows to the face. Therefore, he wrote down the words “beast in clothes” to satiriate Lu Xun.Lu Xun received after also not polite back to his “wit plus rogue” five words, it is because of this matter, the two talent began in the literary world to scold war.Lu Xun and Xu Guangping Although Lu Xun was also a victim of feudal marriage, he tried his best to do his duty to his first wife. At first, he wanted to help her remarry, but later, when he saw her obstinacy, he took her as a friend and always provided for her.Compared with Guo Moruo, it can be said that he is very reliable.However, although Guo Moruo was very weak in emotion, he was also one of the standard-bearers of progressive thought during the New Culture Movement. It can only be said that if a person is not perfect, his merits and demerits should be commented on by future generations.