Gansu discipline inspection and supervision network | Jiayuguan: “room group” linkage cooperation cohesion supervision force

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Since this year, jiayuguan city commission for discipline inspection of the prison committee, actively explore the chamber group mechanism of synergy, issued by the “room set” linkage supervision method “, “room set” linkage supervision areas, constantly integrated supervision and enforcement power, the formation of linking up and down, left and right sides of the supervision system, strengthen supervision and resultant force, improve supervision and mass effect.In accordance with the principle of similar functions and force optimization, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has set up a “1+1+N” joint cooperation area to carry out joint supervision in accordance with regulations and disciplines.Linkage cooperation zone contact guidance by one committee member of the leadership team, more than 1 in the charge of the supervision and examination room, in (the) disciplinary watchdog group collaborative participation, emphasis on political supervision and special supervision and management, to have a tour of inspection and audit corrective supervision and disposal problems clues, case review research collaboration, promote renovation in case supervision, etc., to carry out the linkage supervision.In terms of daily supervision linkage, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has made it clear that, in principle, the dispatched discipline inspection and supervision groups are responsible for supervising and urging the supervised units to formulate work task lists, formulate corresponding supervision task lists, and promote their implementation.Special rectification and clean government education arranged by the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision urged all units to carry out in-depth and strictly prevent going through the motions.At the same time, the supervision and inspection rooms shall timely grasp the situation of the supervision work of the discipline inspection and supervision teams stationed in the cooperation area.”The heavy burden of thousands of people, on the special supervision and investigation cases found in the contact units of the outstanding problems, timely feedback to the accredited institutions, accredited institutions will regularly report to us the daily supervision, so as to exchange information, joint research and consultation.”Zhang Yanqin, director of the third supervision and inspection room of the municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, introduced that there are 22 supervision units in the room, and 3 agencies are stationed (dispatched) through the “room group” linkage supervision to solve problems such as excessive stall and divergence of supervision.City commission for discipline inspection of the prison committee set up daily schedule and guide the supervisory, use, evaluation results, and the responsibility mechanism, such as linkage supervision work of the standing committee of the municipal commission for discipline inspection will be incorporated into the work essentials and important agenda, every quarter to listen to a report the progress of the work, and through the meeting of deployment, research guidance, business training, the supervision of the inspection, on the major issues,Arrange and deploy key tasks.The letters and Visits office and case supervision and management Office take the joint cooperation area as the unit, and regularly supervise and notify the letters and visits, clues of problems and the handling of cases.The problems found in the linkage supervision should be reminded in time, the rectification of the supervision and rectification, the investigation and punishment in accordance with rules and disciplines.For industry, system, field found universality, orientation and outstanding problems, the city commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee will be targeted supervision Suggestions or advice of discipline inspection, propulsion system, providing and put in the chamber group linkage supervision work into the daily supervision and evaluation, the paper introduced principal ShuLian content, as an important indicator, assessment of annual work with responsibility fulfillment of assessment to promote positive responsibilities.At the same time, we will seriously seek accountability for problems such as failure to assume responsibility, lack of responsibility, inaction, slow action, shirking responsibility in the name of joint supervision, failure to observe work discipline, lapses in practice, and malpractices for personal gains, and publicly disclose typical problems.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: