She is the president’s wife. She is 98 years old. She has been saving lives all her life and her children are all outstanding

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The saying “women are as powerful as men” is most appropriate in the period of China’s new democratic Revolution and socialist construction.Against the backdrop of domestic troubles and foreign invasions, there emerged many admirable heroes and revolutionary martyrs. The Chinese nation was of one mind, regardless of class, gender or age, working together to face difficulties and fight for the Cause of the Chinese revolution.The man I want to introduce today has made a huge contribution to the medical field in our country.Not only was she outstanding, but her husband and children were all outstanding in their respective fields.Let’s get to know this great woman — Lin Jia-mei.Born in 1924 in Jiangsu province, Lin entered Tongde Medical College in Shanghai at the age of 21.During the university period, she worked hard, studying medicine, is to be able to learn to cure people’s skills in the future to be able to heal the wounded and save the dying, in the motherland needs her need to be able to offer their own strength.Shanghai was one of the centers of advanced thought at that time, and Lin was also influenced by advanced culture. He worked hard to learn Marxism and actively moved closer to the Communist Party of China.While learning medical knowledge, he also took an active part in revolutionary work and helped the Communist Party to develop underground organization work.In 1949, she graduated successfully and became a real doctor who saved the dying and healed the wounded, officially embarking on the road of medical career.It was in the same year that Lin met her true love, her future husband Li Xiannian.Lam and Chairman Li were introduced through friends.At that time, Chairman Li was the secretary of hubei Provincial Party Committee, the commander and political commissar of Hubei Military Region, and his work was very busy.Although the two usually get together less away from more, but the feeling is hit it off.They all share the same ideal goal, are all firm proletarian revolutionaries, are committed to the Cause of the Chinese revolution struggle for life.Married life of the two is also very sweet and happy, soon had three children, these children also lived up to expectations, in their respective fields have achieved a career.Lin jia-mei started out as a doctor in the children’s Department of Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital. After years of experience and unremitting efforts, he became the vice president of wuhan Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, with a bright future.Later, chairman Li had to be transferred to the central committee for work reasons, and the family also came to Beijing to take root.In the 1980s and 1990s, Chairman Li was elected chairman with his own strength, and his work became even busier.It fell to Lin to take care of the family.Although she worked very hard as vice president of the Chinese Medical Association and director of the Maternal and Child Health Bureau of the Ministry of Health, she still managed to balance work and family.She not only takes good care of her husband and children, but also educates them excellently.Lin’s eldest daughter, Li Ziyang, followed in her mother’s footsteps and entered the medical profession.The eldest daughter is diligent and serious in her work. She actively leads the team to communicate around the world and learn advanced medical culture and technology from foreign countries so as to apply it to the medical field in China.The younger daughter Li Xiaolin became an excellent diplomat and made achievements in China’s diplomatic career.His son Li Ping chose to join the army. Instead of relying on his family’s strong background, he struggled for a career on his own strength and became the deputy chief of staff of the Beijing Military Region.The three children raised by Lin jia-mei and his wife have achieved great success in their respective fields, all of which could not have been achieved without the careful guidance of Lin Jia-mei and his wife.Lin Jia-mei not only had rich experience and powerful skills in the medical field, but also lived a simple and hard life. She did not become extravagant and indulgent because she and her husband were in high positions.Both of them and their children have made great contributions to the construction and take-off of China.Today, Lin is 98 years old and still going strong.As for Lin Jia-mei, she has devoted herself to the motherland all her life and has no regrets.For the motherland, to be able to get such a talent without complaint or regret for the medical cause of our country to contribute their own strength, is the precious wealth of the motherland.