People who really understand cars buy Volvo XC60!

2022-05-02 0 By

Volvo XC60 has always enjoyed a good reputation in the field of medium and large luxury SUVs, and it is also the pillar of Volvo’s sales. However, due to its brand awareness is not as good as BBA, it has maintained a good discount in the sales terminal.This attracts some users.As a matter of fact, Volvo is a very responsible company, and its cars focus on safety. Therefore, people who really know cars prefer Volvo. So, is this car worth buying?Body dimensions, respectively, 4688mm long, 1902mm wide and 1658mm high, wheelbase is 2865mm.With a wheelbase of nearly 3 meters, the comfort level is very good.The side lines are smooth and the roof lines gradually tighten to create a more dynamic visual effect.On the side, the XC60 has an atmospheric feel, with the focus on the rear.The new car is built using Volvo’s latest modular SPA platform.The front face, in the form of straight waterfall intake grille, is also the classic design of the Volvo family, with a high recognition.Net with mesh design, and the use of chrome trim decoration, visual impact is full, with dynamic lines of the front, showing a full breath of movement.The brand LOGO embedded in the center adopts 3D mirror style to enhance the texture.The headlamp, which the designer calls “Thor’s Hammer”, is recognizable after lighting. The huge headlamp and the front line outline a strong sense of movement.The rear of the car, using “Viking axe” taillight, and the headlamp “Thor hammer” echo, an axe and a hammer, just like the two weapons of Thor in Marvel, it is estimated that the designer’s thinking should also come from this.The tail is very full, but a little old, not quite young.Together with standing in the central position of the tail “VOLVO” logo, create a sense of personality, recognition is also very strong.Tires, equipped with 4 Pirelli P ZERO ROSSO series tires, front and rear tire specifications are 235/50 R18, with 6-spoke aluminum alloy wheel rim modeling design, like a rotating flywheel, fashion and sport.The interior, which follows Volvo’s design style, is decorated with silver or wood textured panels.The shape is more elegant, the visual effect is very good.The instrument panel is small and inlaid in the center console, and the functional instrument panel is inlaid, but such decoration does seem a little old-fashioned at this price.Steering wheel, the use of real leather cover, three spoke design, feel excellent, each multi-functional keys easy to use.And the shape of the steering wheel is more austere.Electronic rod, block handle looks quite exquisite, crystal elements into them, full grip.The seat, the seat made of full leather material, looks very textured, the soft and hard of the filling material is moderate, and it is still comfortable to sit up and feel very good.The e front seats support heating and ventilation.The trunk has large space and supports the back seat to be put down. What is interesting is that a storage compartment is designed under the back seat with a narrow opening, which is mainly for the convenience of the rear seat passengers to put iPad and computer and other items. The built-in anti-skid pad is also designed with a slope at the opening to ensure that the things inside will not fly out when the car brakes sharply.Power, a gold power combination of 2.0t engine and 48V hybrid system, brings a faster dynamic response.Good ride, when the vehicle starts, there will be no obvious sense of frustration, sound insulation effect is also very good.Suspension, the front suspension is a double fork arm independent suspension, the rear suspension is a multi-link rear suspension, this kind of chassis in filtering potholes on the city road, appears calm.In summary, Volvo XC60 is excellent in power integration and chassis structure, which fits the positioning of luxury SUV.After all, the interior looks a little old-fashioned, which is not in line with the aesthetic of young people. It is destined to be the choice of middle-aged people in their 40s and 50s. The market is suddenly narrow, so it has been unable to shake the position of BBA.If Volvo changes its aesthetic, it should be able to compete.