Not saved!Another stupid deal!21 in the future, and that’s it?

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Here’s how it went: Late last night, the Kings and Pacers made a trade that many fans still can’t fathom:- the pacers send small arvidas sabonis, jerry Miriam, Justin Horace mann di, a second round in 2027 – the king sent out buddy hill, halliburton, Tristan Thompson after this deal done, foreign basketball fans are probably the king on the BBS like this, all by a word beginning with a F, don’t need we must explain everyone knows.And in ESPN’s rating, the Pacers received an A and the Kings A D.Then there is the deal itself.As for the Pacers, they are known to be on the road to rebuilding, with several key players already on the trade table. It was not long ago that they let go Le Vell, but it was no surprise that they let go sabonis.Sabonis averaged 18.9 points, 12.1 rebounds and 5.0 assists per game this season, shooting 58.0% from the field, 32.4% from 3-point range and 64.9% from true field. His offensive technology and efficiency are quite good, and his rebounding ability is also guaranteed, which is the pacers’ leader for two years.Sabonis’s downside, however, is that his impact on the game has been a bit lacking, not to mention this year’s slump. Take last season, when the Pacers almost made the playoffs, sabonis peaked and was an All-Star, but:– When he’s on the court, the Pacers are allowed 109.6 points /111.5 points / 100 possessions, a net loss of 1.9. — When he’s off the court, the Pacers are allowed 113.8 points /109.9 points / 100 possessions, a net gain of 3.9 points.But the combination of defense and other aspects of performance, it seems to be a little difficult to carry the team far.As for off the other two chips, jerry milan dropped significantly this year, averaging 7.1 points and shooting 37.3% six years is too low, belongs to the premium due contract (11 million) – for Thompson also belong to the maturity of the premium contract (9.72 million), crinkling, Justin Horace mann di is a good role players, have certain capabilities,He has $6.29 million left on his contract for next season.As for the Kings, the main reason they made the deal was for Sabonis, and it was nice to get two starters for a playoff run, but they gave up Halliburton.Let’s start with Hield. Hield is averaging 14.4 points per game and is one of the best shooters in the league, with the following three-point totals over the past four seasons:– 2018-19, 3.4 threes per game on 42.7% shooting — 2019-20, 3.8 threes per game on 39.4% shooting — 2020-21, 4.0 threes per game on 39.1% shooting — 2021-22, 3.3 threes per gameShooting 36.8% but the efficiency of the hill in fact isn’t particularly good, real shooting less than 55% of the season, plus his contract reached 4, 106 million (expires in the summer of 2024), so the essence of the hill was a premium on the contract, but, considering The Times, to the attention of the striker walkers can continue to send him go,We might even get another first round.The deal focuses on Halliburton.This season, Halliburton has played 51 games for Sacramento, averaging 14.3 points 3.9 rebounds 7.4 assists 1.7 steals 0.7 blocks per game, shooting 45.7 percent, 41.3 percent, 83.7 percent from the field, and 57.5 percent from the field. He is one of the most promising dual-ability guards in the league, outstanding on both ends of the floor.To get a sense of how good Halliburton is:Of the 93 players who have taken at least 300 jumpers this season, Haliburton is sixth in effective field goal percentage at 58.7 percent. Of the 49 players who have taken at least 100 3-pointers without dribbling, Haliburton is shooting 40.6 percent.In second – halliburton ball shot 42.6% from three – the number of assists halliburton ranks the 11th in the league – halliburton in the league in steals 12 – halliburton only 21 years old halliburton the season averaging the ball number reached 76.6 times, the ball time 5.5 minutes, both ranked second in the team, only less than fox.The difference between the two is that Fox is off the charts this year, averaging 25.2 PPG and 7.2 apg last season and 21.0 PPG and 5.2 apg this season, so it’s not an exaggeration to say that Halliburton is the king now — maybe we should say pacers now.This is what most fans don’t understand. They thought Halliburton had become the Kings’ core and not for sale, and then they sold him as soon as they were raised. In fact, there are reports that several league executives and coaches didn’t realize That Halliburton was tradeable.Interestingly enough, even Halliburton was shocked when he was traded to the Pacers — and given the deal, leaving the Kings isn’t necessarily a bad thing.