Foreign media praised Beijing’s “Double Olympic Stadium” as a reference for future Olympic Games

2022-05-02 0 By

Beijing has become the world’s first Olympic city in 14 years.As an important Olympic legacy, the facilities of the three sports areas have impressed the world.Foreign media believe that the Beijing Winter Olympic Games used a number of 2008 Summer Olympic venues, through scientific transformation of the “magnificent turn” into the Winter Olympic venues, the new venues from the beginning of the full consideration of post-game utilization needs, for the future Olympic Games to provide a reference.More than 2,800 Olympic athletes from around the world gathered in Beijing’s “Bird’s Nest” stadium on February 4 for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, officially making Beijing the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics, ACCORDING to NBC’s website on February 15.’Many Olympic venues in the past were showcased with pageantry during the opening and closing ceremonies, but failed to be used effectively after the Games,’ the article said.However, Beijing intends to continue to use all Olympic venues in the future.The Beijing Winter Olympics used many venues from the 2008 Olympic Games, including the National Stadium, national Stadium, National Aquatics Center, Wukesong Sports Center and Capital Stadium.The new venues have been built with post-game utilization in mind from the start.The National Stadium, known as the Bird’s Nest, hosted the opening ceremony and is scheduled to host the closing ceremony on Feb. 20.In 2008, it held the same opening and closing ceremony, as well as track and field and football competitions.After the Games, the site will be used for more sporting events and entertainment.The National Aquatics Center has completed its transformation from “water Cube” to “ice Cube”.The venue will become a multi-purpose sports complex after the closing ceremony.It will be used for ice sports such as curling and skating in winter and for swimming, diving and recreational water parks in summer.The National Speed Skating Stadium, also known as the “ice Ribbon,” is the only surface stadium built for the 2022 Winter Olympics.After the Games, the arena will be used for ice hockey, figure skating and other skating events.Shougang Ski Big Jump, another architectural marvel, will become the world’s first permanent and used ski big jump venue for professional sports competitions and training.The site will also be used for sports training and other cultural events after the Games.Venues such as the National Stadium, Wukesong Sports Center and Capital Stadium will also be integrated for sports competitions and other cultural and entertainment-related activities after the Games.As the first city in the world to host both summer and winter Games, Beijing has been able to reuse many of its iconic stadiums for the first time in Olympic history, the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee (IOC) said on its website.These venues are an important part of the legacy of Beijing 2022, helping to promote the development of winter sports, providing benefits for public health and social development, and providing opportunities for economic development.Marie Salua, ioc brand and sustainability director, also praised Beijing’s “dual Olympic Stadium” at a press conference on Tuesday, saying that this model of venue utilization brings together the sustainable advantages of previous Olympic Games.She concluded that this model of venue utilization can be used as a reference for future Olympic Games as well as a plan for the long-term operation of venues.”All winter Olympic venues have multiple uses. They can be used for competitions, training, cultural events and some can be used for both summer and winter.I believe the pavilion will be used for a long time because it will cater to a variety of people and activities.”