Bad corners of the mouth are not necessarily caused by fire, but can also be caused by 3 factors, learn to distinguish

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# # and healthy New Year now, people’s living standards improve, food and more sophisticated, almost don’t eat coarse grains, it is easy to cause the riboflavin deficiency in the body, total ulcer and quarrel, believes that many people have bad mouth phenomenon in our daily life, spat ulcer although it’s nothing serious, but experienced knows a lot of pain.Oral ulcer is commonly known as stomatitis, the performance of oral flushing, blistering, chap, erosion, nodules, desquamation and so on.When the corners of the mouth are rotten, the corners of the mouth are usually red and itchy at the beginning, and peeling from time to time. If you lick them with your tongue, they will not be cured, but the more you lick them, the more dry they are. In the end, it is easy to hurt your mouth and occasionally the corners of your mouth will bleed.Severe cases of blisters or acne, abscess, and eventually scabs.01 What causes rotten corners of the mouth?1, the autumn and winter season is windy and rainy, the climate is dry, the skin is easy to chap, for some people with low immunity, this time it is easy to rot the corners of the mouth.2, diet is too fine, now many young people like to eat some foods high in fat, such as hamburgers French fries, hot pot food, such food though feel good to eat it, but because of who seldom eat coarse grains and vegetables and other foods rich in cellulose, is easy to cause the body riboflavin intake is insufficient,Over time, the body is prone to lack of vitamin causes, resulting in rotten corners of the mouth.3, if the use of lip balm and cosmetics after allergic reaction, also may appear keratitis, make the corners of the mouth appear severe congestion or even erosion symptoms.I believe that many people do not take it seriously when they have rotten corners of the mouth, thinking that it is not a major symptom but caused by dry skin. However, they do not know that bad corners of the mouth are not necessarily caused by fire, but may also be caused by three factors.1. Lack of vitamin B2, usually, the lack of vitamin B2 in the body is prone to rotten corners of the mouth, especially in autumn and winter when eating more meat and eating less fruits and vegetables, the lack of vitamin B2 is easy to cause viral infection, which will lead to rotten corners of the mouth.This kind of circumstance appears on child body more commonly, it is the nutrition imbalance that causes as a result of picky food commonly, bring about inside body serious lack vitamin B2, the stomatitis that causes.At this time must tell children not to lick the corners of the mouth, because in this way, the corners of the mouth become more dry at the same time, will also bring bacteria in the mouth to the corners of the mouth, causing further infection.2, herpes, mouth corners of the mouth is likely to be due to infection with the herpes virus caused by herpetic stomatitis, its symptoms are usually manifested as, the oral area of the skin and mucous membrane is extensive hyperemia edema, 1~2 days later there can be red spots.3, bad living habits, such as some people like to bite their nails, sharp nails, when chewed, easy to cut the corners of the mouth, so there will be rotten corners of the mouth, this time the bad corners of the mouth is easy to lick with the tongue, the more dry the lick, the bigger the lick wound, it is easy to rotten corners of the mouth, serious situation.02 How to prevent bad mouth corners?Eat less spicy food: rotten corners of the mouth are generally more painful, this time People’s Daily diet should maintain a balanced nutrition, drink more warm water, do not eat spicy food, light, Microsoft food.At the time of eating, avoid the phenomenon of mouth opening caused by talking, eating and yawning, because the mouth opening will also cause the aggravation of the wound of mouth erosion.Do a good job of oral cavity and lip cleaning: especially after entering the autumn and winter season, the weather is relatively dry, prone to fire, at this time of people in a reasonable diet at the same time, but also pay attention to personal hygiene.As the saying goes, “Illness comes from the mouth”. In daily life, we must do a good job in cleaning and nursing the mouth and lips. After getting up early and eating early, we must pay attention to cleaning the face and lips, applying skin care products and lipstick to keep the mouth moist.If the corners of the mouth are rotten, do not use the tongue to lick, because amylase and lysozyme in the saliva remain in the corner of the mouth, forming a hypertonic environment, easy to lead to local drying, resulting in erosion, increase the severity of the mouth.For more exciting content, follow Dr. Zhang’s health chat