At the command of the Russian army, 30 rockets hit foreign mercenaries, killing 180 people and igniting black smoke

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Russia and Ukraine disputes continue, because the Western countries did not give Substantial help to Ukraine, so Ukraine is now in a very difficult situation.There is still a big gap between Ukraine and Russia.Ukraine has dared to take on Russia because the West has been behind it.Now that the conflict is real, western support is no more than lip service.Ukraine’s embattled president, Volodymytro Zelensky, has repeatedly called on the West to provide military aid and stand by his country as it looks for ways to save itself from the threat of foreign mercenaries from Russia.But both applications to join NATO and the European Union have been politely rejected.Ukraine has even appealed to foreigners to join foreign mercenaries in its fight against Russia.On March 14, according to the Global Network quoted Russian media news, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that on March 13, Russia fired 30 US rockets, targeted the Ukrainian armed forces training center in The village of Starich, as well as the Yavorov military training ground.180 foreign mercenaries were killed and a large number of foreign weapons destroyed.Konashenkov said the Ukrainian army deployed coordination points in these target areas, where foreign mercenaries were trained and used as storage points for weapons outside the country.The Russian side will continue to eliminate these foreign mercenaries.The military base is close to the Polish border.The United States and other NATO countries often send military trainers to train Ukrainian soldiers, and NATO countries often conduct joint military exercises there.On March 13, US Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said the attack appeared to be an attempt by Russia to expand its targets.There were no Americans at the military training ground bombed by Russia. They had already withdrawn.The two sides should come back to the negotiation and actively resolve the issue. The two sides should come back to the negotiation in time so as to avoid further deterioration of the situation.The conflict in Ukraine has become increasingly complicated by the involvement of outside forces.Moreover, the United States and other Western countries have stepped up sanctions against Russia, trying to cut off Russia’s economic lifeline and banning the import of Russian energy.This is bound to cause a series of negative effects around the world.The conflict between Russia and Ukraine needs to be solved by the two countries themselves, and NATO should give up sanctions against Russia, so that the problem can be solved with hope.Ukraine should realize the seriousness of the problem and not put its hope on the US and European countries. Only through communication can Ukraine avoid more losses.Russia’s determination to defend its national security will not change.Part of the news reference source: huanqiu net.