The total amount is 8.16 billion yuan!A major green and low-carbon industry project has been settled in Pengzhou, Chengdu

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Chengdu, March 31 – Chengdu held a centralized signing ceremony for major industrialization projects to build a circle and strong chain on March 31. 20 major industrialization projects signed and settled in Chengdu, with a total investment of 82.6 billion yuan, involving aviation engines, green and low carbon, new display, innovative drugs and other key industrial chains.This activity, the total amount of 8.16 billion yuan of advanced carbon materials manufacturing base project high-end carbon materials, new energy research and development manufacturing base project two major projects in new energy industry areas in pengzhou, for pengzhou green, low carbon new circuit layout, build new base “” lithium battery key materials and the” new “nuclear power battery industry to lay a solid foundation.In recent years, Chengdu has actively promoted the high-quality development of green and low-carbon industries, accelerated the layout of green and low-carbon industries such as lithium electricity and hydrogen energy, and brought a broad market space for upstream material supply enterprises.With ningde Times, AVIC Lithium, Yiwei Lithium energy and other lithium industry leaders landing in Chengdu and surrounding areas, the upstream material gap is obvious.As an important carrier of Chengdu’s green and low-carbon industry and an important part of Chengdu’s carbon neutral industrial ecosystem, Pengzhou is focusing on lithium electric materials, power and energy storage batteries to build a battery whole industry chain cluster covering “core materials — battery manufacturing — recycling”.The two projects signed this time will further improve the level of green and low-carbon industry in Chengdu and Pengzhou, promote the strong chain of the industrial chain, and accelerate the agglomeration and development of green and low-carbon industrial clusters.In addition, Pengzhou has established strategic cooperation with dalian University of Technology, Dalian Institute of Chemical Compounds, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other high-quality research institutes in the field of green and low-carbon, and has built the chengdu Research Institute of Dalian University of Technology and the only pilot test platform in Chengdu, which can provide a pilot test site for high-level RESEARCH and development platforms.It is understood that in accordance with the overall requirements of Chengdu to build a circle and strong chain, Pengzhou has achieved a “good start” by centering on the “action of promoting investment attraction and optimizing the business environment”.Data show that in the first quarter, 10 projects with a total amount of more than 13 billion yuan have been introduced.A total of 14 academician teams have been registered, and 21 innovative platform projects such as “National Key Laboratory of Quality Evaluation of Chinese Patent Medicine” have been introduced.In the next step, Pengzhou will concentrate the strength of 8 industrial chain investment promotion teams, attack a number of major projects, gather a number of leading talents, and accelerate the promotion of advanced industrial base and modernization of industrial chain.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: