Talk about early spring wild fishing nest material and bait, rub bait is not as good as live bait, live bait fishing skills

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In fact, early spring bait does not have too much to say, hard especially simple: there are red worms with red worms, no red worms on earthworms, earthworms also do not have the word then use thick fishy commodity bait plus two red tail green.I’ve tried a lot of bait and different recipes over the years, and these three are good in early spring!Early spring fishing crucian carp nest is very important, however, there are some extreme angler friends this three kinds of bait performance is not good, but this fishing situation rarely encountered, on my own serious through wild fishing these years total but three or five times.To cite two examples (extreme fishing situation is not many, but it is easy to run empty) : fish into the nest do not eat bait eat nest material;That day went to a reservoir night fishing crucian carp, found that there are fish in the nest line but do not eat the bait on the hook, nest material is homemade old cellar broken corn, bait is Lao SAN plus red tail green.According to past experience, this kind of collocation is very easy to use and there are fish in the dumpling will basically eat, but that day is to rub the line did not eat.I didn’t bring any other bait, except half a bottle of ground corn and a bag of brushed powder to adjust the condition.I think since the nest represents the nest material it is like to eat, and then mixed with the drawing powder laociao broken corn, the state is not very good a little hard, but throw down the first pole to catch the big carp, the final harvest carp 13 tail (because 12 o ‘clock to go back to work the next day, eleven o ‘clock or so began to use this).That night, the earthworm catch is very rare but the commodity bait mouth is very good;It’s also a reservoir, but there’s a temple near the reservoir where people release animals.That early spring I still wine rice and earthworms like the old way to go fishing, but I caught very few fish not to say next to the line at least more than I caught the big fish.After some conversation, I found that the commodity bait he used was in good condition and had been sucking holes, but I could not find out the formula he used. So I took a batch of it and smelt it, and found that it had a strong taste of red worm (it was very clear if I smelt a lot of it), and the state of the bait was slightly sticky compared with that of the single open one, so I probably found out what kind of routine he had.The next day I switched to duck feed to hit the nest, and then wine and rice mixed commodity bait to pull the nest, bought 20 yuan of red worm juice to open the bait and added a little ferula, the next day he was still in but did not fish me.I reflected on these two examples: spring wild fish often eat some worms, so they like to eat, but the released fish are farmed, they have little chance to snack this kind of things, or the performance of the bait is better, which further proves that the black pit use earthworms less, pull more bait.Another is: since the nest can attract fish, so fish must eat the nest, if they do not like to eat bait then we can directly use the nest.Wild crucian carp like to eat insects wild fishing regardless of any season do nest is a top priority, nest inside the fish things become simple, even if it does not love to eat your nest material for big hook anchor anchor also want to anchor two, no fish your bait again good that is also useless!Here to talk about early spring wild fishing nest material production and selection, and then talk about live bait fishing to enhance the skills of fish mouth.There are tons of nest ingredients on the Internet: some claim to be guaranteed, some claim to be inherited, and some claim to be champions.Is a good or bad demoiselle elder brother do not do evaluation, but on my personal use of a few will tell: the effect is not as good as rice!The main reason, I personally think, is that many baits and ingredients smell to please people. The added flavors make people feel delicious at the first smell, but in fact, people smell good. Will fish buy it?Could it have eaten something so fragrant in nature?The answer is no, fish in nature love to eat nothing that we would like to smell, such as: earthworms, red worms, fermenting wild fruit, rotting plant seeds, all kinds of algae…These smells are terrible!So, we choose nest material principle should be close to the taste of these things, such as domain brother dai li himself over the years has been recommended for rice wine bubble of time longer, with a low degree of including, so you can soak out a smell similar to pigwash, relatively rich and lasting do not come loose (soap to wash their hands after all and subtle taste).4. In recent years, many different recipes have been tested. Over a hundred pounds of rice has been used.Ferulic acid, clove, paeonia lactiflora these, especially ferulic acid effect is improved significantly, but after soaking wine, the effect will be halved.As long as you soak the wine long enough, it must be better than the ones you bought!If you really don’t like to make your own wine or rice, you can open the bottle and smell it: the ones that are really delicious give up, while the ones that are slightly smelly with a hint of wine will usually do well.Another thing worth mentioning is musk, which in the right dose (100g of wine to 1g of musk) is really attractive to fish.But there are very few musk on the market now. I used it once in my life. I found some in my aunt’s house after she died.Musk can make fish more resistant to anoxia, and after smelling the smell, it will be excited to have a stronger appetite, and thus a stronger willingness to eat.Now, as far as I know, only eel hunters add a tiny amount to increase their chances of getting in. Fishermen use so little musk that even if you pay real musk, you won’t get the real thing.And those musk flavors only have a similar taste, not the effect of true musk.The following two good homemade bait recipes for spring wild fishing are to be shared: crushed corn in old cellar: one bottle of pineapple beer, two grams of wine (about 30 degrees), one or two grams of wine (whatever), one or two grams of sugar, one pack of yeast, two grams of sweet corn essence, one jin of crushed corn (or broken rice), two grams of sweet tiger.Mix well with all the ingredients except the crushed corn kernels, leave for about half an hour (gas removed), then bottle the crushed corn kernels (a wide-mouth bottle is recommended) and pour in the mixture.In early spring, the temperature should be at least one month. Of course, you can put it in a warm place to speed up and make a little slops so that it can be used.After soaking, it can be used for at least six months, at which time the corn grains will dissolve, and mud will be used to beat the nest with other nesting materials or added to the bait.Fermented bean dregs;Just go to the place where you make tofu and buy some soy bean residue, and then add a little bit of white sugar about 2% into it, seal it in a plastic bag and put it in a warm place, and wait three or five days to use it.When you use it, you can add a little wine or rice or feed powder. It is very tempting to big plate crucian carp. The disadvantage is that it will lure silver carp and aristichthys nobilis.It is worth noting that: you can do ten pounds of broken corn at a time, the longest can be put for about a year, as long as you do a good seal (the third and seventh days gently twist open the air, then tighten).The effect of temporary soaking is poor, even less than a third of the soaking for three months.The cost of wine and rice is not high, so we can use rice wine to soak rice. As long as it takes a long time, the effect is very good. The most important thing is time.Laojiao broken corn single open effect is very good so now bubble early spring fishing words must be late, so is there a faster formula?Have, and the effect is also good, but raw materials you have to buy and the process is complex, the following to share: material preparation: broken corn 5 pounds, sugar half catty, cattle forced crucian carp packet X5, beer three bottles (not pure raw), qu wine half catty, soybean powder 1 catty (can be replaced by yellow flour).Production process: the first in addition to the above broken corn and soybean powder with containers fully mixed, and then broken corn with a gentle stir-fry to water, while hot into the liquid before the good configuration, finally the soybean powder stir-fry gently fragrant put in full stir.Note: Depending on how big a bottle you buy, you don’t always run out of beer. You can start with just one beer and adjust the mixture to a loose cannon.It can be used immediately, or sealed and stored for up to a month for next use.Usage: you can add some feed powder or commodity bait to make a loose cannon state of the nest can also be kneaded into a group to hit the nest.Fish too many places to avoid the nest, directly kneaded into a nest on the line, if the reservoir hit a fist size 3-5 regiment, yan Tang words a regiment is enough.I am big brother demoiselle, hope you wild fishing explosion protection!